#11 Sophia

#11 Sophia
Limited Transfer

Sophia is a business (not a college) that sells courses you can take at home for college credit.  These courses transfer to colleges that accept ACE credit.  (What is ACE?)

Sophia’s courses are video-lesson based, and a little more expensive than some of their other ACE competitors, however, they offer 2 courses completely free that are each worth 1 college credit.  Be sure to grab them even if you don’t take anything else from this company.

There are a couple things I really like about Sophia.

(1) You pay 1 price.  This is an advantage over the subscription products (Straighterline, Studycom, etc.) that charge a monthly fee, because once you’ve bought the course, you’re not under a time crunch to complete it quickly.  This allows all of us to let our kids complete the course over a full semester if we want.

(2) No photo ID required.  For teens that have a driver’s license or passport, this might not be a big deal, but if your teen doesn’t have an official identification card of some kind, getting past the ID checkpoint can be a pain. Sophia doesn’t require a photo ID, so no worries.

(3) No webcam proctoring.  If you’ve taken other ACE courses, you know that webcam proctoring is an expected part of the final exam process. There are always concerns regarding privacy as well as providing a space that meets the proctor’s specifications (nothing on the walls, no one else in the room, etc.) so by using their new technology, they’ve eliminated web proctoring entirely.  They are using a product called “keyboard biometrics” that identifies a person by their typing style.  My son used it earlier this year and liked it a lot!

Sophia Course List
Accounting Accounting
Developing Effective Teams (FREE)
Introduction to Business
Project Management
Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution
English Composition I
Public Speaking
The Essentials of Managing Conflict (FREE)
Visual Communications
Ancient Greek Philosophers
Approaches to Studying Religions
Art History I
Art History II
Introduction to Ethics
College Algebra College Algebra
Environmental Science
Foundations of College Algebra
Foundations of Statistics
Human Biology
Introduction to Information Technology
Introduction to Statistics
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
US History I
US History II
Student Success





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