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The college credit option expired 11/30/2021. 

BUT, the Cybersecurity courses are still free an open to anyone of any age – they just aren’t worth college credit any longer.



Since we’ve lost the college credit option, I’ve regrouped the courses in small bundles to make it easy to arrange for high school credit.

Cybersecurity I, 0.5 high school credit

  • ARW168 Cyber Law and White Collar Crime
  • AWR174 Cyber Ethics

Cybersecurity II, 0.5 high school credit

  • ARW175 Information Security for Everyone
  • ARW138 Network Assurance & AWR 139 Digital Forensics Basics
  • ARW173 Information Security Basics
  • ARW178 Secure Software

Cybersecurity III, 0.5 high school credit

  • ARW169 Cyber Incident Analysis and Response
  • ARW176 Disaster Recovery for Information Systems
  • ARW177 Information Risk Management

Sign up for free Cybersecurity courses here

After you are enrolled, use this login URL to take the classes: https://my.teex.org

Each course consists of reading long modules and taking many quizzes.  Approximate time needed to complete EACH course:  1 day-3 days.