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UPDATE 12/29/2020:  TEEX is not currently participating in the transition from the old ACE credit system to the new Credly Acclaim ACE credit system- as such, it is possible that these courses will lose /have lost their ability to generate college credit.  Since these courses are still being offered for free, you may wish to use them for high school credit or to earn one of their many certificates.  I’ll leave the list up for a while until I have more information.  -Jennifer 

What:  free college & high school credits in Cybersecurity open to anyone!

What:  inexpensive college & high school credits in Forensics open to anyone!



These are DHS/FEMA funded and therefore free for the general public to take.  This program expires 11/30/2021.  Included FYI are the number of college credits previously awarded for each course. 

  • ARW168 Cyber Law and White Collar Crime, 2 credits
  • AWR174 Cyber Ethics, 2 credits
  • ARW175 Information Security for Everyone, 1 credit
  • ARW138 Network Assurance & AWR 139 Digital Forensics Basics, 1 credit
  • ARW173 Information Security Basics, 1 credit
  • ARW178 Secure Software, 1 credit 
  • ARW169 Cyber Incident Analysis and Response, 1 credit
  • ARW176 Disaster Recovery for Information Systems, 1 credit
  • ARW177 Information Risk Management, UPPER LEVEL 1 credit

Sign up for free Cybersecurity courses here

After you are enrolled, use this login URL to take the classes: https://my.teex.org

Each course consists of reading long modules and taking many quizzes.  Approximate time needed to complete EACH course:  1 day-3 days.

Forensics/Criminal Justice


Included FYI are the number of college credits previously awarded for each course. 

FSA107 Basic Property Technician, 3 credits, $45
FSA113 Basic Criminal Investigation, 2 credits, $75
FSA114 Death Investigation, 3 credits, $75
FSA115 Foundations of Fingerprint Comparison, 3 credits, $45
FSA116 Foundations of Forensic Photography, 1 credit, $45
FSA118 Foundations of Courtroom Testimony, 1 credit, $45

FSA304 Fingerprint Processing on Difficult Surfaces, NO CREDIT, free
FSA300 Investigative Tools and Equipment, NO CREDIT, free

Non-Credit Paid Courses

TEEX offers many online courses that I have not included because they carry a fee and do not provide college credit.  However, if your teen is interested in: communications, corrections, electric power, electronics/semiconductor manufacturing, explosives training, fire, forensics, law enforcement, safety and health, school safety, security, supply chain distribution management, water and wastewater, and WMD terrorism be sure to check out their full online course catalog!

It is possible to complete the Frontline Forensics Certificate for only $50.  All four courses are offered online.  Note that this certificate is not for college credit but you could award 1 high school credit in Forensics Science.

Some courses have prerequisites. 

Though these don’t carry college credit, you can award high school credit for all of them!