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Texas A&M Engineering Extension: TEEX

This type of credit is “ACE Credit.” The companies/organizations in this category sell courses “for college credit” that have been evaluated by ACE. ACE (American Council on Education) is a third party credit evaluator that evaluates all types of learning programs that happens outside of a college. Officially, ACE advertises that there are almost 1,500 colleges that “may consider” ACE credit. Unofficially, this credit should only be used when you plan to use one of the partner colleges. Inside a partnership, credit transfer is guaranteed!

Using ACE credit requires creating an account with another third party, Credly to “hold” your teen’s credit until they’re ready to use it. HS4CC List of ACE Partners

What:  free college credits in Cybersecurity open to anyone!

TEEX Cybersecurity (13 college credits) 


Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) offers ACE-approved courses recommended for college credit in cybersecurity. These are DHS/FEMA funded and therefore free for the general public to take. 

TEEX for Cybersecurity

13 college credits

TEEX courses are available individually, but to obtain college credit, you’ll have to complete all the courses inside a group. Once the courses in the group are complete, you can add them to your Credly account for college credit. If you complete all of the courses below, you can earn 13 college credits.

Sign up for free Cybersecurity courses here

After you are enrolled, use this login URL to take the classes:

Each course consists of reading long modules and taking many quizzes.  Approximate time needed to complete EACH individual course:  3-7 days.

Non-Credit Paid Courses

TEEX offers many online courses that I have not included because they carry a fee or do not provide college credit.  However, if your teen is interested in: communications, corrections, electric power, electronics/semiconductor manufacturing, explosives training, fire, forensics, law enforcement, safety and health, school safety, security, supply chain distribution management, water and wastewater, and WMD terrorism be sure to check out their full online course catalog!

Though these don’t carry college credit, you can award high school credit for all of them!

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