#18 The Institutes for Statistics Education (ACE)

#18 The Institutes for Statistics Education
Limited Transfer

Statistics and data sciences attract a special kind of student. The Institutes for Statistics Education elevated itself in 2016 when they collaborated with Thomas Edison State University to create the first ever degree in Data Science that can be earned almost entirely by ACE credit. This, by extension, allows your teen to earn this degree as a homeschooled student.

Collaboration with Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University TESU requires enrolled students to be 21 years of age, however, when your teen is 18 with college credit and their high school diploma complete, they can enroll.  Therefore, the resourceful homeschool student will start taking the courses and working on this degree at home in high school DIY style with the goal of completing all or nearly all of the coursework at home.  ACE courses are open to students of all ages, so when your teen “applies” to TESU, they will also be nearly ready to graduate with their bachelor’s degree.   Learn more about the TESU Data Science Degree.    This degree requires 12 specific courses through The Institutes for Statistic Education, 1 course through Thomas Edison, and 27 courses through your choice of ACE, CLEP, AP, or other alternative credit opportunities.

You Don’t Have to Pursue a Degree

You can still choose from any of their 30+ courses on statistics and data sciences even if you don’t pursue a degree!  Review the list below.

Every course with a “check mark” next to it is worth college credit.





DSST / DANTES also offers a statistics exam you can take for 3 college credits.


This content is reprinted from Chapter 2 of Homeschooling for College Credit 2nd Edition.


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