#19 Coopersmith Career Consulting (NCCRS)

#19 Coopersmith Career Consulting
Limited to Improbable Transfer

Coopersmith offers some courses that aren’t readily available elsewhere, and they also offer upper-level courses—something that isn’t easy to come by as an inexpensive online self-paced option.  But, with their limited transfer options, you have to find a college that awards credit for these, but Thomas Edison State University, Charter Oak State College, and Excelsior College accept all Coopersmith courses.

The cost is low, at only $50 per credit. Most courses are 3–4 credits.

The format is simple:  read the content, study on your own, take the test.  Coopersmith uses the online web-proctoring service Proctor U to supervise your exam.

Titles of all evaluated learning experiences

History and Systems of Psychology (PSY-304)

  • Formerly History and Systems of Psychology (PSY-202)

Human Growth and Development (PSY-203)

  • Formerly Human Growth and Development (PSY-301)


This content is reprinted from Chapter 2 of Homeschooling for College Credit 2nd Edition.


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