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The BIG 3

It doesn’t take resourceful homeschool parents long to find the path of least resistance. When digging through the lists of thousands of colleges, filtering for appropriate accreditation, and looking for flexibility, people zeroed in on the cream of the crop pretty quickly.  While there are other colleges with very flexible policies, the Big 3 have the most flexible of all.

Only 3 regionally accredited colleges in the United States will accept all of your child’s credit by exam (AP, CLEP, DSST), dual enrollment coursework, and ACE credit in any subject and in any amount, as long as it fits into their degree plan!


Advanced Placement Exams:  credit awarded for every score 3 or above.

CLEP Exams:  credit awarded for every passing score.

DSST Exams:  credit awarded for every passing score.

ACE Credit: course work evaluated by American Council on Education (ACE)

Dual Enrollment:  credit awarded for passing grades as long as the college is regionally accredited.

So who are the BIG 3?

As to whether or not any of the BIG 3 are the best college for your teen is another discussion, but knowing your options is half the battle.

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