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ALEKS follow-up & shut-down

(UPDATED POST  February 27, 2017)

It looks like ACE and ALEKS have extended the completion deadline to December 31, 2016January 31, 2017.  February 28, 2017.   March 31,2017.  You can view the ALEKS entry – or the entry of any ACE evaluated course- in the ACE database.  ACE database

I’ve got to be honest, with these “1 month at a time” extensions, I can’t imagine they’re getting many subscribers.  The problem with a 30 day extension, is that it isn’t long enough for someone who really needs to learn the material. It takes people longer than 30 days to complete a college math/statistics course when they’re doing it for the first time.  Beyond folks who just need a refresher, or are cheating, the real student has too much to risk by signing up for a course that isn’t worth anything next month.

My ACE insider told me that as of today, there are still no plans for an extension, so those of you considering ALEKS for college math credit, you’ll need to have your teen’s assessment at 70% or better no later than December 31, 2016January 31, 2017.  February 28, 2017.  March 31, 2017 [update]  I read on InstantCert yesterday about an email from ALEKS saying their ACE was “straightened out” whatever that means.  Their continued extensions probably mean a full multi-year approval is coming, but just use caution, there are not guarantees at this point.

TIP:  If your teen has earned ALEKS math credit, be sure they’ve earned all the credits UNDER their highest credit!  This is low-hanging fruit, and for only $20, they can pick up a ton of extra math credit.  For instance, if your teen did College Algebra, go back and allow them to scoop up Intermediate and Beginning Algebra.


  • Beginning Algebra
  • Intermediate Algebra
  • College Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • College Algebra with Trigonometry *
  • PreCalculus *
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Business Statistics
  • Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences