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2nd ed, Homeschooling for College Credit

I love hearing from people when something I wrote on Facebook or in Homeschooling for College Credit helped them move forward in their journey.  What I don’t love, is that the paperback is so terribly outdated.  Every time someone writes something nice (like this fantastically enthusiastic review by Hillary Harshman over at  College Without the Campus,) I have to *literally* talk myself down from sending an addendum.   “I know it says American Literature is worth 6 credits, but it’s now only worth 3…and ALEKS’s ACE evaluation expires this year, unless they renew….REA isn’t killing it like they used to in the test-prep arena…but that’s probably only true on the exams that have renewed since 2012… oh, and there have been some exam revisions since 2012.”

I’ve been writing a second edition for no less than two years, and I am reminded on a regular basis that I’m not a writer on the inside, because the frustration for me is in every edit.  I don’t enjoy playing wack-a-mole with the zillions of changes that happen ALL THE TIME in the homeschooling for college credit arena. And I hate editing.  I hate formatting, and I’m pretty annoyed anytime I can’t do an entire project from start to finish in one long hyper-efficient day…which is not the best way to write a 350 page book.  I’m a little whiny that way.  I realized that publishing a second edition turned into a big, fat, burden. This topic is still my passion, but the pressure to produce a second edition in my little sliver of free time each day, well, was just kicking my butt.  So, I decided to remove the burden from my “to do” list and never publish an official 2nd edition. Whew!

As if… ha ha.  What I’m doing instead is writing a 2nd edition.  The content will appear in DRAFT form on this website.  In other words, if you find yourself thinking, “Man, this woman writes in passive voice all the time and can’t make up her mind which tense she’s in. Crap, is that another comma splice???” Then you shouldn’t read it.  Really.   But, the only way I can get the content on the page is to remove the goal of perfection for publication – and replace it with the goal of communication for collaboration.  I want you to have information as it happens and feel free to add content for the benefit of others.  I want you to have updated resource lists – mine or through the contribution of our membership.  I want to link you to the best websites, and tell you when good information goes sour.   I want you to let me explain the nuances and distinctions about something when a college changes their policies or catalog.  I want to hear all the details and feedback of your experience, so we can add it into the mix.   These are the things I’m good at. These are my gifts.  If you’ve had the pleasure of sharing your God-given gifts with people, you know it isn’t a burden, it’s exhilaration!  It refills your tank.  In this form, HS4CC will recharge my tank.  Getting it in paperback drains my tank – so that’s how it is.

Tabs will appear at the top.  If you have feedback and personal experiences to share, you’re making a great contribution to parents everywhere.  The first Chapter is live now.

Chapter 1: You Are Your Child’s Best Guidance Counselor