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1 Free College Credit ASAP

Parents- Very quickly: Sophia is offering a 1 credit FREE business class. It is online, and I’ve been told it can be completed in one sitting.

View the videos, pass the quizzes.  If you think your teen can use this, do it ASAP, they’ll pull this offer as soon as they hit their numbers.

This type of credit is called “ACE CREDIT” and is in the same category as Straighterline, ALEKS, Saylor, and others.  Not all colleges award credit for ACE coursework, however, MANY do- so give it a go!

Sophia 1 free credit

If you get signed up, you’ll want to also create an ACE account if you don’t already have one.  No worries, I’ve made you a short video:  Setting up an ACE Account for your Homeschool Student