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Introduction: Completely FREE Tuition (Working Draft)

I wrote Completely FREE Colleges (1st ed.) in late 2015. You can still get it in paperback or Kindle through Amazon, but for the second edition, I’ve found more deals!

(1) Each chapter of this book will appear here as an open resource for you to read in working draft form.  I’m undecided about pursuing a paperback version when it’s finished, but even if I do, I’m committed to making the content available here for you to use and share.

(2)  I’m adding 2 new chapters!  Chapter 13 will give you a good starting point for finding free tuition scholarships, and Chapter 14 will cover the world of Massive Open Online Courses.  I’d left MOOCs out of the first edition, but some of them are now college-credit eligible, so it’s time to bring them in.

(3)   You’ll find a few graduate degrees in the new edition.

(4)  I’ve revised my filter to allow a few non-regionally accredited (but still accredited) colleges into the mix.  They’ll be well-identified.

Here is the breakdown of the chapters, and how I’ve structured the book.  I hope you find it well organized and intuitive.  I’ll begin uploading chapters soon, but don’t have a schedule just yet.  Stay tuned!free college pic