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ALEKS Has EXPIRED *again* – what now?


It looks as if we’ve once again hit the ALEKS extension deadline without any word about renewal or extensions.  If you’re still working on ALEKS, the strategy we talked about in March is still a good one.  (Continued below)

If you have missed the ALEKS saga, or want to know more about them, you should read my previous ALEKS post here.

Let’s move forward with a strategy. 

     Many members have shared the feedback they’ve received from ALEKS, I’ve received feedback, I’ve talked to ACE, I’ve talked to a friend that is an ACE evaluator, and when I sort it all out, I think we will probably see some type of renewal, eventually.
To be clear: no one has confirmed anything, which means this is only speculation on my part.  If I had to put odds on my speculation, I think it’s better than 50:50 that we’ll see a renewal.
as such…
     I’m going to operate under the assumption that there will be an eventual renewal.  It could happen tomorrow, it could happen next week, it could happen in 6 months- I don’t dare to guess.  But if we operate under the assumption that a renewal will happen, let’s plan what this means for your teens starting tomorrow morning.
  1. DO NOT SUBMIT THEIR COURSE TO ACE!!!!  Your teen can keep working, but when your teen finishes (70% or greater on an assessment) do not submit their course to ACE.  Submitting your teen’s course now means they’ll have a date attached to it during a period when they are not approved to award credit.  You won’t be able to change this date later, even if ALEKS receives approval later.  Submitting a course during this unapproved date range will result in NO CREDIT.
  2. KEEP YOUR SUBSCRIPTION ACTIVE.  If you can continue your monthly subscription without placing a hardship on your family’s finances, keep doing so while we wait this out.  Have your teen continue to work their pie, practice, refresh their memory, and just keep their account active for at least the next several months.  Submitting a course as complete during this unapproved date range will result in NO CREDIT.  If we see several months pass without word, you may want to consider canceling, but if you can hold out a little bit, it may work in your favor.
  3. WAIT FOR RENEWAL.  Once the renewal is granted, go ahead and “finish” the course by submitting their course to ACE.  As long as their account with ALEKS is active and their last assessment was 70% or better, they’ll receive credit.

Historical Pattern for ALEKS

     Since ALEKS first appeared on the scene, we’ve watched their credit period expire twice.  Twice before, ALEKS’ college credit approval did not immediately renew but did eventually renew.  Twice before, we had a couple months of lag before a new extension was granted, and twice before, ACE “backdated” the renewal date to match the date of expiration.  In other words, they fudged the numbers so there was no “gap” period in their credit status.  This made a lot of people happy.

     There are at least 2 cases of members over on the InstantCert forum who actually completed ALEKS during the unapproved period and were GRANTED credit before ACE renewed.  I believe both members were students at Thomas Edison State University (an exceptionally generous university regarding credit).  It is my strongest suggestion not to play those odds.  We can’t count on ACE backdating a new approval, and if they don’t, we’ll have a “dead zone” of unapproved credit.

     So, be patient.  At this point, use ALEKS as your math curriculum and carry on business as usual.  As always, I’ll keep you up to date on any developments as soon as they are released.  I hope we hear something soon.

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