Homeschooling for College Credit (2018)

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Selected as a Homeschool Legal Defense Association Recommended Resource.

High school can be the most productive years of your child’s academic career. Perfectly suited to the homeschool family, this book has everything you need to start building a successful high school curriculum that earns college-level credit at home. Even if you’ve never been to college, this book will turn every parent into a well-versed home school guidance counselor!

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“Life changer. You will never see tuition at a university in the same (naïve) way again.”

“Cook-DeRosa’s logical and outside the box paths to college credit is genius, time-saving, and frugal.”

“Fantastic book that gave me a ton of insight into options as we progress through high school. Lots of things I would have never known about earning college credit and options for getting a degree.”

“I can’t say enough great things about this book. Just a year ago, I heard about tuition-free dual enrollment with a local college. I jumped at the chance. Somehow, I stumbled across Jennifer’s HFCC FB page, and discovered there are SO many more options! I am a person that loves to research something and find out all I can. Jennifer is the same. She’s been so thorough. I am thrilled that there was someone who did all this work and shared it with u because, at this point in time, I would probably go crazy getting all this information together. I’m teaching 5 children and it would take weeks and weeks to do what she’s done. Thank you, Jennifer! If you’re interested in saving money on college and/or spending less time “in college” after h.s. then buy this book!”

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“This book excites me – not only for my children but for anyone looking to earn college credit without spending thousands of dollars. The author explains the ins and outs of studying and testing for AP, CLEP, DSST, and ACE exams. I can’t wait to get started putting this “out of the box” approach to earning a college degree for less with my children. I foresee this as being a huge blessing to our family!”

“Packed full of valuable information! We’ll definitely use much of the ideas Ms. DeRosa puts forth in this slim volume.”

“Excellent book that clearly lays out ways to manage the transition to a cheaper college experience, especially for those who homeschool. She goes into CLEP and other test methods. A clear writing and explanation of options with a fair, impartial view based on her own considerable experience as a student, technical degree, homeschooling parent and associates degree teacher.”

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Homeschooling for College Credit (new 2018 Edition)


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