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The BEST Resources

These are some my favorite resources that I use time and again on my family’s homeschooling for college credit journey.

There are so many excellent experts, products, and resources that I’ve just picked the one BEST in each category to share with you.  I know you’ll love them too!

The BEST Curriculum Review Guide

  102 Top Picks by Cathy Duffy.  Cathy Duffy is the guru of curriculum reviewing- if you are considering a brand, she’s done a review.  Her reviews are on point and detailed.  Parents who are looking for specifically Christian or specifically secular material will find her reviews exceptionally helpful!  She is 100% my “go-to” when I’m researching curriculum.

The BEST Test Prep Flashcards

InstantCert Academy,CLEP,DSST,ECE,TECEP InstantCert is the one resource on this page that I have a financial relationship with.  I joined their online community in March 2007, and after ten dedicated years of service to their forum, I decided to ask them for a coupon code that I could share with parents on this site. If you use the InstanCert link here, it gives you and me a $5 discount off their $20/month membership.  InstantCert is an online flashcard and forum community.  They have flashcards targeted directly to credit by exam products, and their forum and community share specific feedback about exams.  If you’ve gone through curriculum and are ready to focus on testing, I highly suggest giving IC a month’s investment- you might end up staying on for 10 years!

The BEST Free CLEP Prep Site

freeclepFree CLEP Prep You may not know that there is an excellent and completely free prep site for CLEP and DSST exams.  They even give a suggested ranking of “difficulty” for certain tests, provide simple study guides, and even have a few practice tests.  I hope they eventually develop content for all the exams, but until then, there are excellent guides for most of the popular ones!

The BEST Site to Check a College’s Accreditation

accredited.jpgDepartment of Education Database Accreditation is so very important, but colleges that aren’t legitimate will lie or stretch the truth on their websites, so you should never trust a college’s own website!  There are different types of accreditation, and while there are situations that don’t require it, my recommendation is to always choose a REGIONALLY ACCREDITED college unless you can make a strong argument for not doing so.  Within this link, click on the first option (“Get data for one…”) and then you can choose to search by institution or search by accrediting agency.  Pan down and choose from their list.  Note:  Regional accreditation is superior to national accreditation.

The BEST Selection of Audio Books

bookLoyal Books Loyal Books (formerly called Books Should Be Free) is so incredible that you should stop reading right now and check it out.  I can’t even do them justice.  Phenomenal.  You don’t even have to download- just click play.


The BEST Selection of Massive Open Online Courses

ededX I realize that free classes are sometimes poor quality, but that’s exactly why edX is such a big deal.  edX is a nonprofit collaboration that started in 2012 between Harvard and MIT.   This collection of completely free and completely open (no application) courses are taught by Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Princeton, and dozens more elite universities from all over the world.  In the past year or so, they’ve also expanded to offer college credit options, certificates, transfer classes.  In cases where you’re seeking credit or a credential, they’ve added a cost.  Learning remains free.

The BEST Official CLEP Book

clep CLEP Official Study Guide There are a lot of CLEP books, but if you only buy one book, this is the one.  It runs about $15 new and contains specific exam information for all 33 exams.  Each exam’s outline, base content, and then practice questions.  It also explains how scoring and testing works.  Since it’s very likely that all exams will undergo revision in late 2018, you’ll want to get a new edition for 2019, but until then, used is fine. My edition is from 2006!


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  1. We love free audiobooks! We prefer using the librovox site though…same selection, versions, and readers as Books Should Be Free/Loyal Books, but we’ve found to be easier to navigate the different readers and versions. A bad reader can really make quite a difference, and makes it easier to see who read it (we’ve got our favorite readers!), if it was a solo or collaborative project, etc. I’ve never quite figured out why there are two sites (Loyal Books and


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