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ALEKS Expired – Changes Coming?

BREAKING NEWS:  ALEKS is currently approved as a curriculum provider and NOT for college credit.    

Briefly, ALEKS is an online inexpensive math curriculum that awards college credit for a handful of their courses.  Over the past several years, they’ve undergone a renewal of their accreditation, and most recently, they’ve been in a back-and-forth tug between renewal and expiration of their accreditation.  You can read all about ALEKS’ history in several posts:  ALEKS follow-up & shut-down and how we built a strategy to deal with the constant uncertainty here: ALEKS Has EXPIRED *again* – what now?.

I want to share the correspondence that was forwarded to me today by an ACE reviewer. Of course, names have been removed.  I expect HUGE changes to the ALEKS platform this summer.  As such, you have from now until then to complete an ALEKS course in its current format.

“Good Afternoon [removed],
I hope this note finds you well. I wanted to provide you an update on the ACE accreditation for our ALEKS platform that we discussed at [removed].  I have been in close communication with our math product team and was told this morning we are in the middle of going through the reaccreditation process now. The initial [removed] with ACE will be in the next week and the onsite course review is proposed for June. The goal is to have everything approved by early July. In the meantime, our accreditation has been extended until ACE can prepare a final report.”