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Foreign Language on Udemy

I’ve written about Foreign Language before, mainly because it can yield HUGE amounts of college credit.  In short, there are about 50 languages that allow you to earn college credit, so if your family speaks any language besides English, you should let them scoop up this credit!  For the rest, it’s not too late to learn a language.  Today’s post will feature a non-traditional curriculum option:  Udemy.

Udemy is an online learning platform marketplace.  You’ll find courses on everything under the sun, but I’ve selected several that will help your teen prepare for the 3 CLEP languages:  French, Spanish, and German.  <—-These links take you to official exam content.

The trick with any foreign language curriculum is to find options that extend beyond the beginner’s level.  You’ll find a lot of interesting options through Udemy.  (Note, Udemy runs sales often, sometimes you’ll see a very expensive course for $150 today, and then tomorrow it will be on sale for $10, so if you see something you like, save the link and check back from time to time).


Conversational French Made Easy

Improve Your French with Stories

Master French Grammar like a Pro

Intermediate French


Conversational German

Essential German: 1000 Words and Phrases

76-Lesson Course

Write German Like a Native


Freshman Year Spanish: 1st Semester

Freshman Year Spanish: 2nd Semester

Advanced Spanish

Spanish 1, 2, 3, and 4 in One Course

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