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Math at Khan Academy

Khan Academy is getting so good!!  They’ve really evolved through the years into a robust curriculum, well beyond their early years as a youtube channel.  When I needed to show college credit in statistics as a prerequisite for graduate school, I taught myself stats using Khan Academy and earned college credit using the DSST exam.

I wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the math courses that Khan Academy offers.  These courses can serve as your curriculum as you prepare for CLEP, DSST or AP exams, and best of all? Yep- you can take them for free!

The trick to using Khan successfully – watch EVERY video, work EVERY problem.

Khan Academy Math

Before Algebra 1

CLEP Algebra (includes Algebra 1 & 2)

CLEP PreCalculus 

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Statistics

DSST Statistics

Khan Academy doesn’t offer a specific sequence that aligns perfectly with the CLEP College Mathematics exam or the DSST Mathematics for Liberal Arts, but you can pick up any info that you don’t already know by putting together your basic Algebra with some of the statistics and probability tools.  We have a separate post dedicated to preparing for either one of those exams.   DSST Math for the Liberal Arts vs. CLEP College Mathematics

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