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One Bite at a Time

You’ve heard it asked “how do you eat an elephant?” and the punchline “one bite at a time” reminds us that most huge accomplishments are simply a series of smaller, more manageable goals.

Graduating from college with a degree is a huge goal- one that about half of all people don’t finish. But let’s look at some of the ways you can eat this elephant one bite at a time!

  1.  Most people don’t start college until they’ve graduated high school. If your teen earns even one college credit in high school, he’s ahead!
  2. A typical bachelor’s degree will consist of 120 credits, which is about 40 classes.  If that feels too overwhelming, consider starting with an associate’s degree which is only about 60 credits (20 classes).
  3. Many parents report that their teen is more successful when they study one course at a time instead of trying to study 5-courses at once each semester.  If your teen studies one course per month for 10 months, that’s the exact number of credits (high school OR college) that they’d study in a formal program.
  4. If they are ALREADY studying college prep or honors level material, there’s no reason they shouldn’t also try and pick up the college credit using one of the college credit exams available to them. (CLEP, AP, DSST, UExcel, TECEP, etc.)
  5. If they’re ready for college-level work, consider enrolling through your local community college NOW.  Colleges call this “dual enrollment” because they’re earning college credit with the college while also earning high school credit (that you award at home). It’s the ultimate way to gain traction!


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