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U.S. Government Credit

I have a great resource list for those of you planning a U.S Government course this year!  govt

These resources are MORE THAN ENOUGH to DIY a full year program. If you only want 1 semester, you’ll have to pick and choose.

Beyond high school credit, there are 2 exams you can take (not both- choose 1) that yield 3 college credits in the U.S. Government.

Most colleges consider these duplicate courses, so if your target college accepts both, I recommend choosing the CLEP for these 3 reasons.

(1)  you can currently take CLEP for $0 using the Modern States voucher (see below) and AP will cost about $100.

(2) CLEP is strictly multiple choice whereas the AP exam requires essays / free response.

(3) You can take CLEP anytime you’re ready – the AP is only offered once per year (May) and you have to find a local high school willing to let your teen take it.

If your target college doesn’t accept both exams, choose the one they do accept.

9-page downloadable lesson plan for AP Govt.

8-page downloadable Vocabulary Booklet

2-page downloadable list of Court Cases

Modern States Free Online Prep Course – complete this and receive a voucher that pays for your CLEP exam

13-hour video course on The Constitution (free)

Sparks Notes for American Government / Politics

Khan Academy AP US Govt. Video Course

Official website of the USA Government

If you’d like more help choosing between AP and CLEP, check out my resource pages below:

Advanced Placement Exam (AP)

College Level Exam Program (CLEP)


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