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Transcript Resource Page

It’s only the most important homeschool document you’ll ever create!  No pressure.

Just getting started?  Chapter 7 of Homeschooling for College Credit (2nd edition)hard-cover-book-mockup PSD 09

Families who have a lot of college credit often worry about how to record credit earned through dual enrollment, CLEP, or ACE.  Our families also want to be sure they are assigning the proper letter grades, calculating their GPA accurately, and not missing any key essentials.

If you’re really starting from scratch, my advice is to read the full chapter, do a template on your computer (tutorial below if you don’t have one), and just dive in.  The other tools on this page will help you calculate GPA and fine tune your work, but getting something down on paper is really the first step.


  • Length?  1 page
  • Titles?  Keep them simple
  • Fonts and colors?  Resist the urge.
  • + and – grades?   Only if you like doing extra math.
  • To weigh or not to weigh?  Un-weighted grades are being asked for time and time again.  When in doubt, do it both ways.
  • 1 college course (3 credits) = 1 high school credit
  • The word “CLEP” shouldn’t appear on a high school transcript (because YOU can’t award college credit) instead, call it what it is: “U.S. History I” and if you want to dress it up, add the word “Honors” to the title.

HS4CC Transcript Workshop (online)

I host free HS4CC transcript workshops through the year.  These are open to anyone but specifically help families who want to understand how courses that carry college credit should be presented on your transcript.  Transcript Workshop schedule:   click here 


Transcript Primer

HSLDA has a wonderful section about transcripts on their website. Some of it is public, and some requires a membership, but it’s really my favorite trusted site to get solid help.  HSLDA Transcript Primer

GPA Calculation Tools

The easiest GPA calculator is Back2College   SUPER easy to use, I’ve used it for at least 5 years.  Totally free, but it is really just a calculator.  They use a standard 4.0 grading scale, so if you’re planning to use a different weighted grade scale, this isn’t the best site.  Also, you can’t save anything – it’s just to help you do the math.

Alternative GPA calculator if you use weighted grades  GPA Calculator

Fast Transcripts allows you to do GPA calculation for free and you can also purchase your finished product ($4.95/month)

Free OnlineTranscript Template

How To Homeschool  Allows you to create a pdf document that can then be printed or saved on your computer.  Uses a standard 4.0 grading scale.   

This can work in a pinch, but you really should have a document you can edit on your home computer.  If you need help building one, I’ve got a class for that! 


Transcript Services For Hire

If you want to use an online template that looks really official, HSLDA offers a transcript service.  Note that they won’t write your transcript for you, rather you enter your data in their system and they store it for 12 months.  While I have not personally used it, I know many who have and were very satisfied with the product.  HSLDA Transcript Service

I’ll  Teach You: Build a Transcript Yourself

I think every parent should have their teen’s transcript live and online ready to add or edit at a moment’s notice.  I know that sounds intimidating, but I can teach you! My online course literally takes you from a blank sheet of paper to a finished transcript in under an hour.  

You don’t need special skills or software- I can teach you how to build your document in Word or Open Office, and you’ll fill in your own courses.  You won’t be able to automatically calculate the GPA, but you can use the free GPA calculator link above to work that out.  This is the method I use for my kids, and after you to the first one, you’ll have no trouble building others.

BONUS: After the course, you can send me your transcript through the “dropbox” and it will be sent directly to my email. I’ll take a look and see if everything looks good. The cost for the class and consulation?  $0 it’s my gift to you!

Build it! Homeschooling for College Credit Transcript using MS Word

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