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College Entrance Exams

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The two most popular entrance exams are SAT and ACT.  A “new” exam that is gaining popularity is the CLT. Not all Homeschooling for College Credit families participate in standardized exam testing. There are two things to consider before ruling in, or ruling out, entrance exams.

Path 1)  Traditional admission at a 4-year university as a freshman applicant.  Earning college credit in high school does not make you a transfer student, so if your student will apply directly after high school graduation to a 4-year university, you should familiarize yourself with their standardized testing preferences.

Path 2)  Everyone else. Students in this category might be enrolling in a community college program, completing a transfer program, attending a vocational school, attending a college that does not require standardized tests, attending a college that doesn’t distinguish between freshman applicants and transfer / adult learners, enlisting in the military, or some other pursuit.

Not testing?

Don’t assume your teen must take a standardized test. Although it seems like “everyone is doing it,” the truth is that most teens take the test before knowing whether or not they need to. If you’re in the least bit worried about the exam, rest assured there are thousands of college options that do not require SAT or ACT testing.

For those following the Path 1 but worry about testing, there are many colleges in that category that do not require standardized testing.

The ACT tests math, English, reading, and science with an optional essay section.

The SAT is a reasoning test that consists of both verbal and math sections with an optional written essay.

The CLT measures verbal and math ability. The CLT has no Common Core alignment, and it offers an optional ungraded essay section.

These test prep links are provided by The Home School Legal Defense Association, and take you to LOADS of great study materials.

ACT Homeschool Code: 969999, ACT online registration, test dates, locations, and resources.
SAT Homeschool Code: 970000, SAT online registration, test dates, locations, and resources.


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