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Adding a Course to your ACE Transcript

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Is your teen taking an ACE course this summer?  ACE courses are courses that are evaluated for college credit but aren’t from a college. Examples include Straighterline, Studycom, Sophia, and others. 

Once your teen finishes a course through an ACE provider, you’ll have to add it to their ACE account. This can take a few business days.

NOTE:  If your teen doesn’t have an ACE account yet, you’ll need to create one posthaste! Don’t make the mistake I made by using my own information (oops!); be sure to create the account in their name using their information.  Everything you need to know:

Understanding ACE Credit and Creating an Account


Once you’re on the ACE website, log into your teen’s account and follow these quick steps to get their course submitted:

Check back in their ACE account in a few days. The course should be added to their transcript!  That’s it!


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