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Listening Party: Borrowed Future Ep. 2

Are you following us as we listen together to the new podcast from Ramsey Solutions called Borrowed Future?  The link to the podcast is posted below, and you have to carve out time this afternoon to listen when you decide NOT to borrow for college, everything changes.  Step 2: Resisting Peer Pressure

It’s a listening party!  I’m tuning in, you should tune in too. Let’s talk about how your teen can work Dave’s plan and get your teen through college debt-free.  

Step 2

Resisting Peer Pressure to Get In

You don’t have to tell homeschooling parents that education must follow a specific recipe. Homeschooling parents have spent decades choosing curriculum, arranging intentional socialization, and helping their child grow into an adult.  I remember loving and encouraging my kid’s unique interests in things that were just a little off-center.  I had a pole vaulter, accordion player, early 1900 literature lover, and one who could fix any machine at age 10.   My kids weren’t judged for being different, I encouraged it and not once told them they had to fit in!   I haven’t met many seasoned homeschooling parents that thought their teen’s education had to look like everyone else’s.  That is until we start talking about teens!  Ut-oh! The middle and high school years are exactly when parents start to feel peer pressure and concern that their uniqueness will jeopardize their teen’s future.  So high school, in some cases, can be about “undoing” the things we’ve worked so hard to do!  “Getting in” suddenly becomes the most. Important. Thing. Ever.   But why?

Listen below to the new Ramsey Solutions’ podcast and consider how many options are available to your son or daughter when you’ve resourcefully planned their high school experience to include some college credit. If your teen graduates with a little college credit, you’ve padded their trajectory with a little extra wriggle room. Will your teen use their advantage to graduate early? Take a gap year? Use their lighter schedule to work and pay cash for their degree?  Spend a year starting a business? Volunteer?  Travel?  When you’ve resourcefully planned in high school, your teen has what many don’t:  the option to choose their experience and the cost you’ll pay.  Students want the college experience, but half the time that experience doesn’t include a degree.

Borrowed Future Podcast: Is College Even Worth It?

Over the next several episodes, let’s listen together and plan strategically for your teen’s college credit journey.   Following each episode, I’ll offer my own spin on how homeschooling families, specifically those who are Homeschooling for College Credit can take the challenge of going to college debt-free.

Can your teen go to college debt-free?  There’s no question in my mind.  Keep following and we’ll build a plan together.

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