Learning is Hard

Do you love learning? When someone asks me that question, I always say yes. Actually, it’s more like YES! But over the past weeks I’ve started a new job, and it suddenly hit me that I don’t love learning- what I love is knowing.

Learning is clunky, embarrassing, time-consuming, and requires uncertainty.  I don’t like any of that. I “think” I love learning, but what I’ve come to realize is that I actually want to get past all of the preliminary uncomfortable stuff as fast as possible so that I can get to the real goal:  knowing. I love knowing!! I love raising my hand, knowing the answer, and having resources on tap in my mind. I love answering questions and helping. I think one reason I love helping others is that I want everyone to feel the joy of knowing.

Watch kids confidently spell words for a spelling bee. Listen to the enthusiasm as they recite lines memorized from The Declaration of Independence. That kind of confidence and enthusiasm comes from knowing. It’s a place we all hope to be – whether it’s in something small like our best cookie recipe, or something bigger like high school and college planning. We all aspire to find our confidence. Living inside my carefully curated work with Homeschooling for College Credit, I sit square in the middle of my comfort zone.  Usually.

Usually, I try to write posts that offer some bit of information that helps you resourcefully plan your teen’s high school program, something about credits or transcripts or exams.  But not today. Today’s post is just me sharing raw feelings as I struggle through learning something new.

If I have anything to offer, to bring relevance to my post, it is to feel empathy for our teens who are learning hard things. It’s really hard to ALWAYS BE LEARNING.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit