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Adult Content in College Classes

Minors taking college-level classes?  You should think about whether or not they are ready.

A college, obviously, is intentional in their presentation of opposing and provocative discussions. That’s all well and good if you’re an adult. Deciding whether or not your child is mature enough to deal with adult content is something you should consider in advance.

Maturity, in my opinion, isn’t about a specific age or grade.  It also isn’t that someone is “ok” hearing foul language or seeing naked bodies in a painting. Maturity is a person’s ability to reflect internally about something and their ability to put it into context and evaluate it in a meaningful way.

How will your child make sense of war?  Genocide? Rape? Murder? Slavery? Trafficking?  If they’ve never even heard the word, you can bet their class will have a profound effect on their understanding of the subject (good or bad).

The Christian or secular worldview is another important aspect of the adult-content discussion. The study of anthropology, for a Christian family, needs to be able to intersect and resolve the textbook academic study of hominins with that of Creation. Whether or not a non-Christian thinks that’s important or whether a non-Christian thinks that debate should happen isn’t the point. The point is that the PARENT must be aware that these discussions and topics explored in college courses.

If your teen’s course has included something provocative- share below!


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2 thoughts on “Adult Content in College Classes

  1. We have three students from our homeschool co-op who have been shocked and horrified by what they have been required to watch in their college classes. It was described to us as outright porn for a “Film” class. The requirement for an English class was to watch a film that depicted a violent rape scene. Both are just completely unnecessary, and seem to be part of an agenda on the professors’ parts.


  2. The Modern Japanese Literature in Translation class I took in 6th grade at the local college included a movie which showed a long explicit scene between a child about my age (12) and the 60+ year old director. I was totally unprepared.


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