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Changes to ASU Earned Admission

We have had several parents report success with the Arizona State University Earned Admissions program for their dual enrollment.  Looks like this program is undergoing big changes.

edX and ASU Earned Admissions Program (formerly Global Freshman Academy)

Special transferability

Arizona State University is the first college to build a full formal direct-credit partnership with edX that allows students to do their entire year via MOOCs. From the Earned Admissions/Global Freshman Academy website:

“Global Freshman Academy, offering a unique, cost-effective way to break down the barriers to a quality education. EA/GFA provides students the opportunity to complete their entire university freshman year coursework, risk-free, and pay for the credit earned after passing the course. Courses are open to everyone with no application or transcripts required.”

This type of program would be a good option for two categories of families. (1) If you’re already considering Arizona State University (on-campus or online) as a target college for your teen, this will save you a good chunk of tuition and allow them to begin their coursework in high school. (2) Families who have students that may not be eligible for dual enrollment in their home state. This includes states without dual enrollment, states with testing standards your teen can’t reach, or whose age prevents them from signing up. The rest of you may not like the cost. While the MOOC portion is very reasonable (the verification of identification and exam proctoring is only $49 per course) the remaining degree tuition is about $600 per credit.


Special update from parent Chrystal S., a parent using this program:

New Details Regarding Earned Admission at ASU: The way it has always worked, you pay $25 to join a class (no ACT/SAT required, and no age restrictions). If you like your grade, pay $400 at the end to put it on an official ASU transcript toward ASU earned admission or to use as transferred credit elsewhere. If you don’t like your grade, pay nothing, and it doesn’t show up on your transcript at all. No risk! This is changing, and the details are literally being worked out as I type this. I’ve been on the phone with them for the past couple of days. There is a new link on the website now that says “for high schoolers.” This is exactly the same system as previously described EXCEPT that it is now $75 to join a class. The people who are taking over the program will earn $50 for promoting it *TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS*. As a homeschooler, it is my understanding that you can still use the adult EA program previously described for now. So far, they have not mentioned anything about not allowing kids under 18 to continue to take courses for $25 rather than $75. However, if that happens, and IF they require you to go through the high school link, I was told that you can use my name to continue getting the $25 fee through July 1st. After that, it would be $75. There is no cap on the number of courses you can take at a time and/or transfer to another school (check with your next school about which courses they’re willing to transfer in, of course). At this time, there are still only 21 for-credit courses available, but they are considering adding more. Also, if you choose to go the high school route, they are planning to add 24/7 tutoring soon. It’s not there yet, but when they add it, it will probably be free as part of the $75 enrollment fee. If you would like to sign up under the new high school program and get the $25 fee until July 1st, call Katie at 480-374-5084. Otherwise, continue using the regular EA link, and hopefully they won’t start checking ages or diplomas.

New Earned Admissions landing page 


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