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Can You Help? HS4CC with Disabilities & Accommodations

Every now and again, I’ll get an email from a parent with questions about college credit classes or exams as it relates to their teen having disabilities or needing accommodations.  These questions range from asking about extended testing time, taking online classes, to how a blind student can take a CLEP.  I’m only one person, and my knowledge here is nothing compared to what this HS4CC community has as a whole.  So this post is a request for your input.

If you have something to share about your experiences, advice for other families, or how to advocate for your student – a small or big win with your own student,  your words are needed. Feel free to include as much or as little as you’d like- a sentence or a page, there are no criteria.   I’m assembling a page that will appear on the HS4CC website with links and quotes from parents/teens.

You can message through whatever medium is allowing you to see this post, or you can send me an email 

  • Can students with disabilities earn college credit?
  • Are some ways better than others?  Online? On-campus? Credit by exam?
  • What have you learned through your experience?

Let’s fill this page with all the encouragement and support and resources we can!


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit