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Homeschooling for College Credit During Coronavirus

While many of us are sheltering in place, I’m happy to share some AMAZING opportunities for your teens to earn A LOT of college credit at home RIGHT NOW during this pandemic. These options are available to any teen-even temporary homeschoolers!

Not all college credit is accepted equally, so if your student is already enrolled in a college or has one target college picked out, you will want to check in advance if these college credit options will work- they may not.

But, the rest of us can rack up serious high school and college credit during this pandemic.  Keeping your brain active and mind occupied is a great use of time if you’re shut-in. Even if your college does not award college credit for these programs, homeschool parents can award high school credit.  Best of all, many of these programs have partnerships with colleges that guarantee college credit transfer.  If you’re looking for a way to pay for college, this is a great way to consider colleges that you haven’t considered before.

Everything shared below is FREE of cost, so if you have a lot of time on your hands during this pandemic, this is an excellent use of time!


CLEP allows you to earn credit by exam. You study on your own, go to a testing center to take an exam.  If you pass, you can earn college credit.  CLEP testing centers are closed, but you can get ready NOW and take your test as soon as it reopens.

We have a resource for you called Modern States- it is a free online CLEP prep class.  If you complete the class, they’ll give you a voucher to take your exam for free. Literally, you can take as many as you want!  Learn about CLEP and Modern States here. 



Sophia classes are fully online college classes that allow for at-home proctoring.  They are usually $329 per class, but through July 31, 2020, they are 100% FREE.  You can take the classes at home AND test at home!  For every class your teen completes award 1 high school credit – for passed classes, most are 3 college credits.  Be sure to check their list of partnerships with colleges that GUARANTEE credit transfer!  Sophia Learning


Saylor Academy

You pay NOTHING to take these courses.  They are completely free to start and stop on demand.  Textbook passages are accessible through links in the class, so the program is completely free.  There is no graded homework, no attendance verification, and no teacher. It is self-directed learning.  The quizzes, exams, homework, and midterm exams are all open book.  You can take some or all of the units, and you are free to jump around.  For every class your teen completes, award 1 high school credit- for passed classes, most are 3 college credits.  Be sure to check their list of partnerships with colleges that GUARANTEE credit transfer.  Saylor Academy


Texas Engineering Extension Service—TEEX

If your student is interested in cybersecurity or criminal forensics, they can take free and low-cost classes right now from home.  TEEX’s cybersecurity program allows you to earn up to 10 college credits for no cost, and up to 13 college credits in criminal forensics. Most criminal forensics courses are only $45.  These are non-proctored courses that you can complete at your own pace.  Learn about TEEX courses.

For people age 18 or older, has a catalog of college courses that allow self-paced learning and a $9 test proctor fee via webcam.  Learn about


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