3 Books on Paper

I know, I know…. this is the tech age!  But if you’re feeling a little teched-out during this pandemic, I have 3 book suggestions you can read ON PAPER!  While I would normally send you to your public library, these are all good enough to own. I’ll tell you why…


Homeschooling for College Credit, 2nd edition

Ok, I realize this feels like an obvious suggestion, but if you’re trying to earn college credit in high school, this book covers is where you should start.  If you’re following HS4CC on Facebook, you’re getting a lot of details – but this book will help you make sense of the principles – allowing you to digest the details in small bites.  The details can feel overwhelming and confusing, but once you understand the overarching principles, you’ll be your teen’s best guidance counselor.


Debt-Free Degree

I’m reading this now.  To be transparent, mine is from the library, but I had to wait for months for my turn! I was #39 when I first requested it! So far, I’m a fan.  I suggest reading this AFTER you’ve read Homeschooling for College Credit, because the entire premise is that you’ve got to pay for a full degree – but if you’re reading this knowing that your teen’s degree is partially complete, you’re going to get so much more out of it!


CLEP 2020 Official Study Guide

If your teen will take more than 1 CLEP exam, you’ll want your own copy of this book.  It contains the exam outline and a practice test for EVERY exam.  You can use the 2019 version if you find a better price, but you’ll want one that you can keep.  Note that if you purchase the exam guides from The College Board, they are exactly what is in this book- only you’ll get all of them.  Highly recommend!


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit