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Wrap up: CLEP Zoom Session 4/24/20

Did you enjoy the CLEP Zoom session yesterday? I sure did! It was great getting to meet so many of you and talk with you about your homeschool. We covered a lot of ground yesterday, so as promised, here are all the links, documents, and resource packets we talked about and a few extra goodies I forgot to mention!!

  • Download Jennifer’s slide packet from the presentation:  HS4CC – CLEP
  • Get CLEP fee waiver & online prep class:  Modern States 
  • Read step by step to get your CLEP fee waiver:  Take a CLEP for free!
  • HUGE study packets for almost every subject (especially excellent for psychology, literature, science, and history):  Spark Notes
  • Peterson’s study subscription and practice tests ($39):  Peterson’s
  • REA CLEP Books: 
    1. official site (new paperbacks
    2. Amazon (new and used paperbacks, selected eBooks)
    3. HS4CC marketplace (buy/sell with us!)


  • For reviews on almost every curriculum brand:  Cathy Duffy Reviews  
  • THIS! You can print now or save it for later- it’s the Official CLEP Information for Test Takers (16-page packet) CLEP Guide
  • Still need the HS4CC book? Free shipping on Amazon
  • Support a family business when you buy from Rainbow Resources

Can’t get enough?  Here you go!

CLEP Expiration / Revision Dates

7 Ways to Fail Your CLEP Exam

Credit Laundering

Efficient Studying for a CLEP exam

Brain Dump (Jennifer’s favorite test trick)

Disabilities & Accommodations


CLEP Prep in 2020

Math in Your Homeschool: CLEP

Homeschool Subjects & CLEP

The Hardest CLEP Ever…..or not

TLC Literature Videos (CLEP Prep)

2 CLEPs to take in 10th grade

Compare CLEP vs DSST

CLEP Literature Exams

Member Question: CLEP Registration before 10th grade

Success Stories & Happy Posts

Did you miss the session or maybe you know someone you think should join in?  Be sure to follow HS4CC website to get event updates.  I’ll be adding a LOT of events to my live event schedule for this summer because I’m doing EVERY event from home! Live Events

Thank you!


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