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Dual Enrollment Online vs Nothing? Take this quiz!

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Summer and Fall dual enrollment registration is just around the corner and many colleges have presented two options:  Take dual enrollment online or nothing.

Parents considering dual enrollment have to weigh a lot of pros and cons under normal circumstances, and now with the added disruption many of us are facing with on-campus classes being temporarily suspended in most states, we have to decide whether or not our teen should consider dual enrollment online vs possibly losing a semester and not getting college credit. If you’re wrestling with this question, take this quiz!

QUESTION 1:  Has your teen taken an online course before? 

QUESTION 2:  How well does your teen learn by reading a textbook?

QUESTION 3:  Can your teen express themselves well through writing?

Beyond a research paper, this includes emailing a professor, participating in written discussions with students, and answering free-response questions.

QUESTION 4:  Is your teen comfortable with technology?

This includes owning a dedicated computer with reliable internet access (not a phone), uploading and downloading files, sending and receiving email, and using software like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

QUESTION 5:  How is the cost of dual enrollment covered for your teen?

QUESTION 6:  What grade in high school is your teen starting this coming semester?

QUESTION 7:  My teen loves to be on campus, participate in study groups, interact with classmates, and holds conversations with his professor.


Add up your points.

5 or less:  Online dual enrollment will likely be a disaster for your teen, and dual enrollment grades are forever.  My recommendation is to avoid online dual enrollment.

6-8:  There are aspects of online learning that are going to present challenges for your teen. Unless you have a very compelling reason to enroll, my recommendation is to skip for now.

9-11:  This online experience may be outside your teen’s comfort zone, but with support and encouragement from the family, your teen can be successful.   My recommendation is to enroll in one class this semester.  Start slowly right now and build toward a heavier schedule next semester.

12 or more:  There is no question your teen will thrive in an online dual enrollment setting.


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