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Confirm Subscription Please

For many years, I’ve used an email management company to “hold” my Homeschooling for College Credit email subscriber list.   I am blessed by having many followers, but subscriber growth is expensive – and that means decision time.

Effective today, I’ve decided to trim the fat- and my subscription company had to go!

I’m asking everyone to please visit and simply select “follow by email” on the landing page.  Doing that one action will keep you following the website and does not cost me or this organization a dime.  

Bloggers and site owners are constantly faced with the difficult decision of finding ways to pay for the privilege of providing you with free content! It’s quite a puzzle.  Most bloggers sell advertising spots on their website, promote products or other monetization methods.

I am deeply committed to keeping this website advertisement-free for as long as possible, and giving up my email list is one way to do that.  This one action allows me to keep bringing you free content in an ad-free space for years to come.  Now, I need YOU to do one action:  Visit and select “follow by email” on the landing page.

Thank you for following, and I look forward to our continued relationship together!




Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit