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New College Credit Option for Teens

Is dual enrollment expensive in your state?  Is your teen restricted from participating because of age, grade, or test scores?  A new company has my full attention and might be the solution you’re looking for. Best of all?  Legitimate credit laundering. Keep reading…

Outlier (from the co-founder of MasterClass) has developed high-quality, university-level courses, taught online by some of the most celebrated educators in their respective fields.
Here’s the exciting part-  normally, when a business (non-college) offers classes for college credit, they only transfer into a small handful of partner colleges.  While we love those low cost and free college credit options, the unicorn is when a business offers college credit AND it appears on an actual college transcript as original credit.
Credit laundering is an attempt to earn college credit from one source (example: CLEP, Sophia, and strategize a method of getting it onto a transcript at a college that otherwise doesn’t accept that kind of credit.  In general, this is almost impossible to accomplish.  There are only about 5 businesses that legitimately credit launder, so this is a big deal.

Outlier is not a college, but they have launched online college-level courses that, when passed, will be recorded on an official transcript at The University of Pittsburg.  The credit will appear as original credit, thus removing any need to credit launder.  In other words, your teen’s transcript will be identical to a student that has taken the courses directly through The University of Pittsburg.
Since The University of Pittsburg is a Regionally Accredited University, expect a perfect transfer into the home college or university of your choice!
“We are excited to be partnering with the University of Pittsburgh for our spring and summer courses. Upon successful completion, you will receive 3 college semester credits from the University of Pittsburgh, transferrable to other colleges and universities subject to review and approval by the receiving institution. When you transfer your credits, it will come as an official transcript from the University of Pittsburgh for Fundamentals of Calculus I (MATH 6210) and Introduction to Psychology (PSY 6010).”
Tuition Price
$400 per class.  If you have the choice between free tuition locally or these courses, take free tuition.  BUT, if your local dual enrollment option is more than $133 per credit, than this is a deal. The tuition is refundable if you don’t pass.
Extra Fees
None. BOOKS ARE INCLUDED, so there are no application fees, registration fees, textbooks, online access codes, etc. As such- it’s $400 total.
Placement Testing
No standardized testing is required (ACT, PSAT, SAT, etc.)  Placement into Calculus 1 is through their free online pretest.  Introduction to Psychology is open enrollment for anyone.
Testing Accommodations
Age / Grade
Previously, they did not allow high school students to enroll, however that restriction has been lifted.  It is unclear if you must be in at least high school, or if anyone of any age or grade is allowed.  Contact Outlier directly if your teen is in 8th grade or lower.
Currently offering only 2 courses: Calculus 1 and Psychology.   I hope they get a TON of enrollment so they can expand their catalog. Their other product (Masterclass) is amazing and full-blown movie-quality production. Good stuff!!
Paper Trail
If a student decides to exit a course BEFORE that course’s drop deadline, it is defined as dropping a course; there is no academic record, and students are eligible for a full refund.
If a student decides to exit from a course AFTER the drop deadline and BEFORE the withdraw deadline, it is defined as a withdrawal. This is different than having dropped the course as a grade of W will appear on your transcript.
After the Withdraw deadline, students will receive a letter grade for their course.


Note:  If you receive a letter grade on a college transcript, you must disclose your transcript on all future college applications or admissions.  



(3 college credits / 1 high school credit)


Calculus I (MATH 6210)

14-week course (next session starts June 29,2020) This is an “accelerated” summer session.

Outlier’s Calculus I course is designed to make learning calculus a painless-ish and entertaining experience! With high-quality videos of exceptional educators guiding you through examples from science, sports, and human happiness, our course will help you master calculus and even have a few laughs along the way. Choose the instructor that best fits your learning style (or hop between instructors whenever you like), and if you need extra help, you’ll have access to our friendly tutors, online study groups, and unlimited practice problems.

Earn college credit for Calculus I in just 4 easy steps: pass the pretest, enroll, start learning and pass the course, transfer credits to your school!  Find out more

MATH 6210 Outlier Syllabus (Daily Schedule) – Summer I 2020.docx



(3 college credits / 1 high school credit)


Introduction to Psychology (PSY 6010)

14-week course (next session starts June 29,2020) This is an “accelerated” summer session.

Outlier’s Introduction to Psychology course will change the way you view the world! Your journey into the science of the mind will equip you with a guide to human motivation, help you better understand your emotions, and explain why people sometimes do things you don’t expect. With topics ranging from Happiness and Well-Being to Criminal Psychology, this course will give you a glimpse into the fascinating, yet enigmatic, human mind. Our 12 world-class instructors will etch these topics into your long-term memory with engaging case studies and unique applications woven throughout the material.

Earn college credit for Introduction to Psychology in just 3 easy steps: enroll, start learning and pass the course, transfer college credits to your school! Find out more.

PSY 6010 Outlier Syllabus (Daily Schedule) – Summer 2020I.docx (1)

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