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2020 Celebration Inspiration

We’ve had dozens of parents sharing their teen’s 2020 Homeschooling for College Credit success stories this week!!  Here is a small recap from across our Facebook community.  I hope you find encouragement as we wrap up the 2020 academic year!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, shoes, tree, outdoor and natureCrystal A:  My second son graduated from high school and finished an associate’s degree this month.  He was accepted at the two universities he applied to and chose one where he won’t have debt.

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Denise H:  This one is starting at Liberty as a Sophomore this summer. 37 credits already done.

Kaitlyn H. I am the first homeschool graduate in my family. Finished high school with an approximate 42 credits with a 4.0 GPA and as a Gold Award Girl Scout! By the end of the summer, I hope to have finished another 12 credits, and the university I am transferring to should be accepting them all!

Amber W.  Our last homeschool graduate graduates with 18 college credits from dual Image may contain: 1 person, closeupenrollment. Not as many as we’d hoped but it was an exceptionally difficult year for our family. She just got a job at the local hospital and will begin earning alternative credit through study and Sophia.
Your website has been a great help in the last few years, not just for my children but for myself. Thank you ❤️ 

NP:  My 18-year-old daughter is graduating from high school with her associates finished and only 9 classes to her bachelor’s in business. No debt! We did a combination of CLEP, DSST, and brick and mortar for the first 90 credits. Then she transferred all of them to Sothern New Hampshire University where Chipotle is picking up the entire bill as long as she works 15 hours a week for them.

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Valerie C:  Graduating homeschool with 40 college credits and the Presidential full-tuition scholarship to his school of choice. So very proud of him ❤️

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, hat and outdoorJill B:  She graduated with 45 college credits, 38 of which will transfer to the University where she received a full-tuition scholarship! This was a massive battle, and still a mountain to climb with many challenges. If we can do this, anyone can.


Vicki I: my son graduated high school with his associates and the exact same week he got a full-time job as a beginner auto technician. he’ll have a busy summer working and then will continue working in the fall and attend the technical campus for more auto technician courses.Image may contain: 1 person, child, outdoor and nature

Sarah F: Our oldest is off to the community college full-time this fall. He already has 19 credits from dual enrollment. He is doing two degrees at once, one online and one on campus.

Melissa M:  My oldest just graduated and has 88 college credits. He will start and finish his bachelor’s degree this year.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and shoesTeresa C: Mine earned 24 credits this year, graduated high school this month, and is transferring 66 college credits to Texas State.

Prairie R: My 17-year-old daughter graduated high school this semester and also graduated from college with an Associate in Fine Arts ( following her 2 older brothers’ footsteps who were able to complete Associate Degrees in high school as well).

Suessa P: My son is graduating with an Associate in Science degree from Durham Tech and is transferring to Western Carolina in the fall. Half of his credits were earned FREE through dual-enrollment, thanks to all the help and advice from this group. I am so appreciative of all the help and advice shared, even when we ask the same questions over and over again. So much patience here and so much support. Thank you.

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