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SAT & CLEP from Home? Not in 2020.

The College Board has made some important announcements for those of you planning to take the SAT or CLEP 2020 and hoping for an at-home option.

Official College Board website

On June 2, 2020 the College Board announced any consideration for doing an at-home version of the SAT is off the table.

At-home testing “would require three hours of uninterrupted, video-quality internet for each student, which can’t be guaranteed for all… during an already disrupted admissions season.”

You may remember the AP at home exams didn’t run perfectly (granted, they were trying something brand-new for almost 2 million users, so we’ll give them lots of grace) but with them unwilling to expand offering the SAT in an at-home format all but guarantees that we will NOT see the offering of CLEP in an at-home format as many of you have asked.

Official Statement:

We know students are anxious about how the coronavirus crisis will affect their college application process, including taking the SAT.

We’re committed to giving students as many chances as we can to show their strengths to colleges, while relying on the guidance of public health officials. Throughout, we’ll continue to focus on students with fee waivers and those with accommodations.

Earlier this spring we decided to pursue a digital remote-proctored version of our physical SAT to ensure all students had an opportunity to test, in the unlikely event that schools would still be closed in the fall.

However, after gathering more understanding and evidence over the past weeks and months, we have decided to delay an at-home digital SAT.

  • An at-home SAT would require three hours of uninterrupted, video-quality internet which cannot be guaranteed for all students.
  • While we will continue to deliver the SAT online in some schools, we do not want to introduce the stress of extended at-home testing in this already disrupted admissions season.
  • We are committed to a future with a digital test, but we are changing the timeline and sequencing.


REGISTRATION for SAT August, September, and October will fully open for all students on Wednesday, June 3.

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