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College Board Opportunity Scholarships

Did your teen graduate this year?  Here is a shortlist of 6 scholarships they should apply for RIGHT NOW!

The Scholarships

The more effort you put in, the more opportunities you have to earn a scholarship. Complete all six, and you’re eligible to earn $40,000. Scholarships will be awarded through monthly drawings to students who complete each action.


1. Build Your College List: $500

Get started by exploring colleges you’re interested in. Learn More



3. Improve Your Score: $2,000

Show how practice pays off by improving your SAT score. Learn More


4. Strengthen Your College List: $500

Make sure your college list has a mix of academic safety, match, and reach schools. Learn More


5. Complete the FAFSA: $1,000

Fill out the free government form to apply for financial aid. Learn More


6. Apply to Colleges: $1,000

Apply to the schools you want to attend. Learn More


Complete Your Journey: $40,000

Complete all six scholarship steps to be eligible for a $40,000 scholarship. Learn More


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