Accreditation Database: Bookmark This

Homeschooling for College Credit parents must confirm that the college they are using in high school for dual enrollment is Regionally Accredited (RA).  This is essential for successful transfer later when your teen applies to college as a freshman!  Here’s how you can look it up:

Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs

“The” database.  Bookmark this link and use it every time.  This will disclose a school’s accreditation – or lack thereof.  Never assume- always check.


What if the college isn’t listed? Don’t panic (yet) because it could simply be a spelling error or you’re using the wrong name.

You will find: The Juilliard School but not if you can’t nail the spelling.

If you still can’t find them after the spellcheck, you must follow up with the college and ask for more information about their accreditation.

Armed with the name of their accrediting body, a quick stop on Wikipedia allows you to confirm or deny whether their accreditor is RA. Note- You can also visit any of the links directly and do a college search. The database is faster, but if you run into something shady, I would encourage you to contact the accreditor directly as a precaution.

List of Regional Accreditors

The following are the seven active regional accrediting agencies for educational institutions in the United States:[5][6]

A college can still have accreditation that isn’t regional, but since we’re aiming for the best transfer guarantee, you really need to check this box.

Later, when your teen picks a target college, it is possible that the college will be Nationally Accredited (NA) or Regionally Accredited (RA). Both regional and national accreditations are recognized by the United States Department of Education. The debate between NA and RA is a hot one- but what isn’t a debate, even inside the debate, is that high school students who hope to transfer their college credit into a college after high school should only pursue college credit through an RA institution.

Got that?  RA every time.

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Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit