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Open Testing Centers

I know many of you are patiently waiting for a CLEP or DSST testing center to reopen, and we have great news!!  We have a lead on 40 potential CLEP and DSST testing centers,  but there is a catch….

Park University locations (40+ locations listed below) are open for DSST and CLEP tests!

The catch?  This university sits inside a military base and you might need to know a person who works on base who could sponsor a day pass for you.

As with every CLEP, we want you to get a voucher from Modern States first.  This reduces the cost of your CLEP exam from $85 to $0. 

(DSST exams do not have vouchers, so skip that step, you’ll have to pay $85.)

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1) Complete your free CLEP prep through and grab your voucher.

2) Register for the test with CLEP ( or DSST (

3) Call your Park University location to schedule a proctored exam.

4) Get a sponsor to sponsor you on base for that day (if needed).

5) Arrive on base 1.5 hrs. before the exam to get a day pass and papers in order. Have identification *yours and your teen’s* as well as anything else your sponsor told you to bring.

6) Pay for proctoring of your exam with a debit card or cash (this is an additional fee) but save your receipt.  Moden States will reimburse you for your CLEP exam. (DSST is not eligible).



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