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SAT Test Prep for 2020

If you’re planning an SAT exam this year, check out the official collaboration between Khan Academy and College Board – they’ve put together an interactive study program that’s totally free and open access! In addition, it includes 6 adaptive practice tests, which correct and target questions toward your weaknesses.  They even have an ap!

Khan Academy SAT Site

If you’re Stressing About Testing, you’re not alone.  Standardized testing, especially the SAT, causes a lot of anxiety among homeschool parents.  A few years back, I wrote a long piece on the trends away from standardized testing, and how to find schools that don’t require standardized tests for admission.  Front and center was the photo capturing a classroom full of students studying for their SAT exams while being hooked up to IVs for a little “extra boost” of brainpower. SAT: Stressing About Testing



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