Need Curriculum in a Hurry?

If you’ve just decided to start homeschooling and are in a curriculum or budget pinch due to COVID, there is one go-to that will get you through your first year- and it works well with HS4CC.

Last year I received a special announcement from one of our long-time HS4CC family moms Jackie.  She reported that both her sons just graduated from their college programs, both had earned a lot of college credit, and both were taught exclusively using Easy Peasy.

Despite the funny name, Easy Peasy is no joke.  The creator of the program explains:

“I’m Lee, the creator of the Easy Peasy homeschool curriculum. I’m the mother of six homeschooled children. I began putting my own children’s assignments online in 2011 as a way to preserve them. I purposely wrote them in such a way that others would be able to use them as well. In 2012 I started letting others know about it. My hope is that these sites will enable families to homeschool no matter what their life situation.

Finally, this is a Christian curriculum; however, most resources used are not Christian. It’s your choice whether or not to use any given course. I do point to the Bible from time to time in history, science, English, heck, even math has lessons on honesty and diligence. I do believe in a literal six-day creation. When online resources speak of millions of years and such, I provide alternative reading for students to support their faith. The earth science course in particular provides apologetics for defending a literal interpretation of the Bible.”

Easy Peasy is a plan that covers the full scope of K-12 curriculum, with links that take you to (free) daily videos, assignments, and resources.  The curriculum goes day by day, and you simply complete each day’s tasks.  It’s easy-peasy!

For our community that is either just getting started with homeschooling, or is in a situation that requires a tight budget, you’ll at least want to give Easy Peasy a try.

HS4CC parent Jackie gave me permission to share this with all of you, and it is included on our Success Stories & Happy Posts page:


Both of my sons graduated from college, both with honors and both as outstanding students. My oldest was accepted into the (dual enrollment) program at Sampson Community College his senior year and graduated last night with his Associates of Applied Science degree in Building Construction Technology. He will be moving on to study at Montgomery Community College this fall to earn his Associates of Applied Science degree in Gunsmithing.

My youngest entered dual enrollment after his Sophomore year and completed high school in 3 years. At 18 he graduated last night with his Associates of Applied Science degree in Information Computer Technology. He will be entering Eastern Carolina University in the fall as a Junior to continue his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology for Information Computer Technology degree.

I have homeschooled these amazing young men since they were born. We started using Easy Peasy as soon as Lee Giles generously made this amazing FREE curriculum available. What a blessing Easy Peasy has been for our family. 

Are you enough? Absolutely! You love them unconditionally, want only the best for them, and let’s face it, all we really do is teach them to read and count. We give them the wings and they fly!!!!

Easy Peasy All in One High School Curriculum




Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit