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1 Year Free Tuition (hs graduates)

Here is yet another college offering free tuition this year!  Trident Technical College of South Carolina offers on-campus and online certificates and degrees. If your teen just graduated high school, here’s a great way to squeeze every dollar out of your budget.

Trident Technical College, Charleston, South Carolina

Free tuition for 1 year!  Many certificates can be finished in a year or less.

Invest in yourself without student debt! Here’s how to get FREE tuition for the entire 2020-2021 academic year – Fall Semester 2020, Spring Semester 2021 and Summer Semester 2021:

    1. Apply for free and be admitted to the college.If you are a returning student, submit the Admissions Update form to the Admissions or Registrar’s office or online using TTC Express in
    2. Choose your major from the 70+ programs in these disciplines:
      Emergency Medical Technology Culinary and Hospitality
      Engineering and Manufacturing Maintenance and Technical Trades
      Information Technology

      Click here for a list of programs.

    3. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at For more information and help, click here.
    4. Take a minimum of six credit hours that are required for your major. For help selecting classes in your major, see your assigned advisor or a Navigator in The Hub.

Not all programs are eligible, but the following ARE.

Jennifer’s notes:  They make it very hard to find out if an entire program on the eligibility list is available fully online, especially since most of the programs are at least partially online. I suspect this is so they don’t attract too much attention outside of South Carolina –  but but I’ve bolded in orange a few of the culinary and hospitality programs that ARE online since I confirmed these myself. My advice is to send a note and ask – especially computer programs, as these are likely available online.

Interest Area Program Credential
Health, Human and Personal Services EMT associate degree & certificate
Advanced EMT certificate
Paramedic certificate
Culinary and Hospitality Baking and Pastry associate degree & certificate
Culinary Arts Technology associate degree
Hospitality/Tourism Management  associate degree
Advanced Culinary Arts certificate
Beverage Service Essentials certificate
Cake Decorating certificate
Culinary Arts certificate
Dietary Manager certificate
Event Management certificate
Food and Beverage Operations certificate
Hotel Operations certificate
Engineering and Manufacturing Civil Engineering Technology associate degree
Electronics Engineering Technology associate degree
Mechanical Engineering Technology associate degree
Advanced Automation-Mechatronics certificate
Aircraft Assembly Technology certificate
Architectural Drafting certificate
Basic CNC Operations certificate
Advanced CNC Operations certificate
Basic Electronic Journeyman I certificate
Basic Industrial Work Skills certificate
Machining and CNC Fundamentals certificate
Civil Drafting certificate
Computer Aided Design I and II certificate
Electrical Drafting certificate
Electrician-Automated Controls certificate
Electrician-Construction certificate
Electrician-Industrial certificate
Engineering Assistant-Engineer certificate
Engineering Assistant-Technician certificate
Facilities Maintenance certificate
Gas Metal Arc Welding Fundamentals certificate
Industrial Mechanic certificate
Introduction to Arc Welding certificate
Mechanical Drafting certificate
Production Technology certificate
Surveying certificate
Welding Gas Metal Arc and Flux Cored Arc certificate
Welding Gas Tungsten Arc certificate
Welding Shielded Metal Arc certificate
Maintenance and Technical Trades Aircraft Maintenance associate degree
Advanced Air Conditioning and Refrigeration certificate
Air Conditioning-Refrigeration Mechanics certificate
Commercial and Industrial ACR Systems certificate
Aircraft Maintenance Airframe certificate
Aircraft Maintenance General certificate
Aircraft Maintenance Powerplant certificate
Automotive Servicing certificate
Avionics Maintenance Technology certificate
Construction Management certificate
Electrical Line Worker-Advanced certificate
Electrical Line Worker-Third Class certificate
Introduction to Automotive Servicing certificate
Information Technology Computer Technology associate degree
Cybersecurity associate degree & certificate
Network Systems Management associate degree
Business Applications Solutions Specialist certificate
Cisco Certified Network Associate certificate
CompTIA Systems Specialist certificate
Database Administrator certificate
Enterprise Network Administrator certificate
Internet Programming certificate
Linux Systems Administration certificate
Microcomputer Programming certificate
Microsoft Network Solutions Associate certificate
Network Security certificate
Virtualization and Cloud Computing certificate


Will TTC notify me when I’m awarded free tuition?

Yes. You will receive an email in your email account from the TTC Financial Aid office that includes a link to Financial Aid Self-Service for a personalized view of your financial aid.

When will I know I have been awarded free tuition?

Monitor your account status in Student Self-Service in the portal. The award date depends on when you complete the financial aid process. The sooner you submit the FAFSA and complete the financial aid process (including verification if chosen), the sooner your aid will be awarded. The free tuition award will be displayed as “TTC Tuition Grant.”

Will I get money for books?

This grant does not pay for books; however, some students may have a financial aid package that exceeds charges for tuition and fees. Those students will have a credit in the Bookstore.

Do I have to pay registration or course fees?

If you have declared a major in one of the 70+ programs, submitted your FAFSA and are registered for at least six credit hours that apply to your major, you do not have to pay registration and course fees. For courses that offer digital access to course materials, students are responsible for digital course materials fees (inclusive access).

If I registered already, can I get free tuition for the academic 2020-2021 year?

Yes. If you have declared a major in one of the 70+ programs, submitted your FAFSA and are registered for at least six credit hours that apply to your major, you do not have to pay tuition, registration and course fees for Fall 2020.

When will I get a refund?

Not all students who receive free tuition will be eligible for a refund. If you already paid out of pocket and now you’re receiving TTC Tuition Grant, your refund may be processed approximately three weeks after classes start.

Can I apply the free tuition to past balances?

No. Free tuition for fall applies only to Fall Semester 2020.

I already have earned a bachelor’s degree. Can I receive free tuition?

Yes. You can attend for free if you choose to major in one of 70+ programs.

How can I confirm my major?

You can view your major in the student portal ( Once in the portal, go to TTC Express for credit students, Academic Profile, then My Profile.

Does it matter if I’m a full- or part-time student?

Both full- and part-time students are eligible.

Will free tuition be available for Spring Semester 2021?

Yes! Free tuition will be offered for the entire 2020-2021 academic year: Fall Semester 2020, Spring Semester 2021, and Summer Semester 2021.

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