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Python, Linux, Cybersecurity, and more!

Cisco Networking Academy has a catalog of 5 classes you can use for your teen this year!  Though these won’t generate college credit, you can award high school credit -my recommendations follow.

Introduction to Cybersecurity

The world is getting more digital and having the skills to secure devices is critical to solving the challenges we face.  The number of connected devices alone is expected to grow to 50 billion sensors, objects, and other connected ‘things’ by the year 2020.

Duration: 15 hours

High School Credit:  This class is a little light for high school credit, but you can build it up into a Cybersecurity course worth 1/2 high school credit when you add these free Cybersecurity courses from TEEX. Bonus-  TEEX courses are worth potential college credit and they cost nothing!

Introduction to Internet of Things

Learn how the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to alleviate some of the worlds most significant problems. By 2020, there will be a 50 billion things connected to the Internet, creating 1.5 million jobs in IoT.

Duration: 20 hours


We all care about certain issues. What are yours? Poverty, inequality, climate change?  As an entrepreneur your business venture could impact markets, economies and communities.  Take this course to develop an entrepreneurial way of thinking to improve your job opportunities and advance your career.

Duration: 70 hours

High School Credit:  Use this course as-is and award 1/2 credit in Business. If you’d like to bump it up and award a full high school credit, ask your student to write a business plan and launch a small business of their own! A carefully executed plan can fill the second semster of the school year.

Programming Essentials in Python

How great would it be to write your own computer program? Or, design a web or desktop application that millions of people could enjoy?

Both are a possibility if you learn how to code in Python. Python is the very versatile, object-oriented programming language used by startups and tech giants. No prior knowledge of programming is required.

Duration: 70 hours

High School Credit:  1/2 credit

Want to go beyond this class?  You can complete a 5-course series called Python Data Science Professional Certificate.   This is open to any grade/age.  Expect the self-paced program to take most of a full school year.  At the time of this writing, the full program cost $230.

Python Data Science Certificate = 1 high school credit Computer Science – Python

Linux Essentials

Learn the basic of Linux, the world’s most popular operating systems, and expand your career opportunities in IT.

Duration: 70 hours

High School Credit: 1/2 credit

What to go beyond this class?  You can complete a 7-course series called C Programming with Linux through edX’s Professional Certificate Program.  Open to any age/grade.  Expect the self-paced program to take at least a full school year.  At the time of this writing, the full program cost $308.00

Linus Professional Certificate = 2 high school credits in Computer Science -Linux

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