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ACTFL: Foreign Language for College Credit is Back!

ACTFL language exams are an exceptional value. There are 2 different exams available, but if your college allows, you can take both for a whopping 24 potential college credits!
ACTFL exams were expired for a short time but have been RENEWED through 5/31/2023!!!!
In addition to being ACE evaluated, the two test options allow you to just test according to your best skills. For instance, if you’re not very good at writing in French, but you communicate verbally with ease, you can take their oral exam (which doesn’t have writing!). Test options include your choice of Oral or Written for college credit (other tests exist, but not for college credit). They offer oral exams in 100 languages, and the written exam in 18 languages. My frustration with this exam company is their website; it’s unnecessarily confusing, if you get stuck, just call them. Based on your score, you’ll achieve a proficiency level, which is then translated into college credit at your college. Novice-Low Novice-Mid Novice High Intermediate Low Intermediate Mid Intermediate High Advanced Low Advanced Mid Advanced High Superior In addition to rank, the language you’re testing in may be worth more or fewer credits than another language- so your results may vary. OPIc (speaking) $105, up to 6 credits Upper-Level + 6 credits Lower-Level WPT (writing) $105, up to 6cr UL + 6cr LL LPT (listening) $50, up to 6cr LL RPT (reading) $50, up to 6cr LL ACTFL WRITTEN: Languages- Albanian, Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Tested on- reading and writing only (no listening or speaking). Credit awarded 2-12 based on the score. The score must be recorded on your ACE transcript. Cost $105 Written exam ACTFL ORAL: 50+ languages. Tested on- listening and speaking only (no reading or writing). Credit awarded 2-12 based on the score. The score must be recorded on your ACE transcript. Cost $50-159 Oral Exam
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