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Physical Sciences that Won’t Break the Budget!

If your high school student needs to study PHYSICAL science this year, you know that online sciences can be EXPENSIVE! I have some great online courses and lab resources to share that are very low cost! These courses all generate high school credit, and I’ll show you how to use each of them for college credit too!

What is physical science anyway?

The study of inanimate natural objects.  

Are these courses worth college credit?

No, these courses are worth high school credit on you homeschool transcript. All can be turned into potential college credit by passing a standardized exam.

How do you turn these courses into college credit?

At the completion of any rigorous high school course, your student may decide to test out of the college course using a standardized exam.  Allocate a few extra weeks for “test prep” before taking a standardized exam.


Typically studied for 2 semesters:  1 high school credit

General Chemistry Links to EVERYTHING you might need and then some!

MEL Chemistry Lab (paid)

General Chemistry Virtual Lab Simulations (free)

Quantum Chemistry Virtual Lab Simulations (free)

Interactive Periodic Table (free)

AP Chemistry Course: Khan Academy (free)

College Credit Exam Options in Chemistry (choose 1)


Typically studied for 2 semesters: 1 high school credit

1 year High School Earth Science Curriculum and Labs (free)

Earth Science video-based course (free)

Earth Science Virtual Lab Simulations (free)

College Credit Exam Option in Earth Science


Typically studied for 1 semester: 0.5 high school credits

Cosmology and Astronomy: Khan Academy (free)

College Credit Exam Option in Astronomy 


Typically studied for 2 semesters: 1 high school credit

High School Physics: Khan Academy (free)

Introduction to Physics video-based course (free)

College Physics / AP Physics: Khan Academy (free)

Physics Virtual Lab Simulations (free)

College Credit Exam Options in Physics

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