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Special thanks to Frances for this amazing promo! Master Class is only $1 for the year if your teen has a .edu email address (if they are doing dual enrollment they likely do). I’ve had Master Class on my “I want really really bad but can’t spend the money on indulgent education that doesn’t generate college credit” list for over a year – I’m drooling!! For $1 you get their entire catalog- no limits. Seriously- go sign up!

What is Master Class? It’s famous people teaching their craft to you! Professionally produced video lessons include printable handouts and learning activities.

Want to learn guitar? It’s taught on Master Class by Carlos Santana.

Learn comedy from Steve Martin.

Want something a little more academic? How about writing classes from James Patterson, R. L. Stein, or Malcolm Gladwell? Maybe study conservation from Dr. Jane Goodall?!

Check it out!

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