ASU Beta Program for 2 New Courses

Arizona State University’s Earned Admissions and High School Programs reached out to Homeschooling for College Credit to get feedback from the homeschool community on their programs and to offer the opportunity to participate in their beta program for their new self-paced classes being added to their course line up: 

BIO 100 BioBeyond, (Biology course) 4cr total, listed as 3cr Science w/1 cr lab* course on the transcript. Course Description and Course Syllabus.

SES 106 Habitable Worlds (Natural Science course). 4cr total, listed as 3cr Science w/1 cr lab* course on the transcript. Course Description and Course Syllabus.

Video trailer:

ENG 194 Poetry in America 3cr course. Not self-paced.

These courses are not open to the general public yet and are limited to the first 100 students registered in each. Poetry is full and is not accepting more students. According to ASU, they are expected to release these courses to the general public in 2021.

* Update 11/11/20: Correction from ASU:
“After much deliberation and discussion on the matter we have come up with a few bullet points on the BIO and SES courses. I know I [Derek from ASU] originally said it would be a 3+1 course and I do apologize again for that misinformation. Please take a minute to review the finalized information below and let me know if you have any questions or further concerns. The syllabi in both courses should now be updated as indicated.

  • BIO100 and SES106 are both 4 credit, SQ Natural Sciences designations that include a lab component.
  • The courses will show on the ASU transcript as one singular 4 credit course. It will not “call out” the lab credit as our AST111/113 offering does.
  • Since the lab and lecture are integrated, there is not a distinct separation between the credits and/or the hour of (theoretical) “seat time” towards one component over the other.
  • We’ve added the following statements to the syllabi for both courses:
  • In the Course Overview: This is an integrated lecture and lab 4 credit course and can be used to satisfy your general studies SQ requirement.
  • In the Policies section: This course satisfies 4 credit hours toward the Natural Sciences (SQ) General Studies requirement at Arizona State University. It is strongly encouraged that you consult with your institution of choice to determine how these credits will be applied to their degree requirements prior to transferring the credit.
  • As you know, we cannot dictate how the courses will transfer to other universities and what they will accept as science credits vs. lab credits vs. electives and so on. We hope the additional verbiage to the syllabi with help with this.”

From the HS4CC leadership: Jennifer felt this update to the syllabus should be sufficient to help transfer specialists at receiving colleges see that there is a lab component and it is included, and we’ve already had 1 parent reply back to us that their college accepted the course as BIO 100 (Intro to Biology) at their child’s college with the updated syllabus. For comparison, ASU’s Chemistry course is also listed as a 4 cr science with lab included. ASU’s Astronomy course is listed on the transcript as 3cr +1cr lab.

Beta Participation Details

Course cost: $400 payable at the end, and only if you like the grade. They will waive the $25 ID fee for those who tell them they’re signing up for the beta program through the HS4CC group over the next couple of weeks! 

Course Duration: Self-Paced. Completed by August 31, 2021

Time to Pay: Up to 1 year after completion

Who: High school students

When: Sign up Now through 10/16/20 to take advantage of the $25 waiver. They’d love to have the slots filled over the next couple of weeks, however, each student has until 8/31/2021 to complete the course. A student could feasibly sign up now and start the course after their first Fall 8 or 16-week college courses are completed.

Senior EA Coordinator Derek Beck suggested that a parent may need to have some involvement in the two Science courses. Details about what that entailed were a bit sketchy, but this is a beta program, so it may be related to that. We look forward to hearing feedback from participating families. All labs are virtual and included in the cost of the program. Books, as always, are included online. There are no other fees. As with all Earned Admissions courses, you only pay at the end if you like the grade and would like it on a transcript.

Additionally, Derek said that the two new science courses have fewer math requirements than the two science courses they currently offer through the Earned Admissions program: Astronomy and Chemistry. Basic math skills such as fractions, basic operations, and exponents are required.

How to Sign Up

  1. ASURITE Account
  • NEW Students who do NOT have an ASURITE ID can go to and sign up for an ASURITE ID. This step can take 2-3 days.
  • Existing Students with ASURITE ID’s will need to be converted to their portal. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A NEW ACCOUNT – this will lock your account up in their system and cause delays. Continue to step 2, if you have not filled out the FERPA agreement previously. (this is new for most of us)

Please be sure to email the ASURITE ID, Student Name, AND the course you are interested in when you email them!!


(Step added 10/2/20) New AND Existing students need to fill out the FERPA agreement to allow parents or guardians to speak with ASU staff about the student’s account. Please login to myASU and add the Parent/Guardian to the account by clicking on the “Add a Guest” and fill out the information.

3. Email for Enrollment and Waiver

Email your name, ASURITE ID, and the course(s) you want to: and tell them you’re with HS4CC and they will waive the $25 fee. Existing students who already had ASURITE ID’s prior to this beta program need to ALSO request that they be moved to the new HS portal.

4. Watch your Dashboard and email Accounts for updates from ASU

ASU is doing batch uploads on a weekly basis for those (existing users) requesting the portal change and all users requesting the new beta courses. There are manual, human processes involved in this piece, so please give them a little time to get things uploaded. When you email them, you should receive a response with a ticket number. Once it’s complete, they should send an email that they’ve been added and to upgrade the account for college credit.

5. Upgrade the Course

  • Log in to the dashboard using either the or links, which should take you to the Dashboard. The requested courses should be there, along with any others the student is signed up for.
  • Click on Upgrade Course to upgrade the class for potential college credit. The normal fee for this is $25. A photo ID is required in this step also – see info above on qualifying ID’s.
  • When you check out, the fee should be ZERO, instead of $25. If it’s not, please contact (if you have an issue, please try clearing your cookies and history before emailing them – this has worked for some)

6. Start the course and Report any issues

Start the course and report any issues to As always, they should return a ticket number to you and may request more information. Please try to be specific and provide constructive feedback, so they can help you or resolve the issue.

The High School Program

All students under the age of 18 will be transferred over the next few months to the portal, regardless of participation in the beta program above. The High School portal will look and feel the same as the Earned Admissions portal, but the High School students will see more classes than in the EA portal. 

For those concerned that changing to the new portal from the standard EA portal might mess up your current classes or pricing, Derek guarantees us this will not happen. They’ve already transferred many students to the new portal with no problem.

In the past, we were told that the High School program would have an increased cost associated with the college-level courses. We were assured in the meeting that the costs would remain the same as the Earned Admissions program, and there are no longer plans to change that.

ASU introduced a full K-12 program this year. More information on their high school program coming soon! You can also visit their site at:

(please be sure to use the correct URL address – I noticed there is another group using the .com version of this url that attempts to download software to your browser. ASU DOES NOT download software to you in order to access their site!!)

Why we Love the ASU EA and HS Programs

  • ASU’s Earned Admissions (EA) and High School (HS) programs provide low-cost, high-reward courses at a reasonable price of $400/course, paid at the end if you like the grade. Plus a $25 ID Fee normally paid upfront, but they’re waived for the Beta program for those who tell them they are with HS4CC.
  • There are no other fees.
  • Books, as always, are included free online.
  • Labs are either virtual or use common materials found at home.
  • As with all Earned Admissions courses, you only pay at the end if you like the grade and would like it on a transcript.
  • No placement test like TSI / ACCUPLACER, just sign up for a course and take it
  • No paperwork to turn in, or transcripts to send. Signing up for an ASURITE ID with the college is quick and easy. Once you have an ID, you can log in and sign up for classes. (this is often a 2-3 day process)
  • Open to any age – no restrictions. If the child can handle the work, they can take the course.
  • Course Prerequisites are a suggestion, not a restriction. If the student is able to do the higher-level work, he or she can take the course.
  • I love the self-paced courses, in particular, because they enable us to weave an extra course or two into my kids’ community college schedule without impacting the grades. We can adjust and spend more or less time on the self-paced classes, based on the demands of the less flexible community college courses. We can also squeeze an extra college class into a semester or between semesters without jeopardizing grades in any of the courses.


Q: How long should it take to get an ASURITE ID? 

A: It usually takes up to 2-3 days to get an ID and get into the system

Q: I have a problem and I’d like to call them… who can I call? 
or (their main email for the program)

Q: Do I sign up for the courses in the portal or do they sign us up? 

A: They will sign you up manually. Once you have your ASURITE ID, please send your ID, name and course number to Don’t forget to tell them you are with HS4CC to have the $25 sign up fee waived! (expires 10/16/20)

Q: Do I need a photo ID?

A: Yes, all ASU courses require a photo ID. That can be a government issued ID, a school ID, Military or DoD or dependent ID, passport/passport ID, notarized College Board form with photo (used for AP/CLEP testing by underaged kids), and some have successfully used homeschool or co-op ID’s. If using a homeschool ID, ideally it would have their name, DOB, and Photo – must have a photo. If concerned, you could potentially combine one of these with a SS card or birth certificate. If you have concerns, please email or call them! You will use this ID when you upgrade the course for credit at the beginning of the course, and again for any proctored exams (some have proctored finals).

Q: Do these transfer to other colleges and are they accredited?
A: Yes, they are accredited. ASU is a well known and well respected 4-year college. 

As with EVERY class or exam, we always recommend you check with the colleges of interest to see how they transfer. I’ve personally verified classes like ENG101/102, College Algebra, etc transfer into our local (Texas) colleges exactly as they’d sound. I’ve also sent these two out for evaluation from the colleges too, but haven’t heard back. You’d ask for the contact info for the Transcript or Transfer specialist (or some similar job title), to find out if they transfer. Some colleges may have a transfer pathway already setup as well. 

If you’re interested in transferring FROM your current program TO ASU for a 4 year degree, they have a Transfer Pathway page to help students plan their degree efficiently.

Q: I tried to login but I get an error saying my ID doesn’t exist

A: Be sure you are using the “Log in” link on the black bar on the or pages, rather than the “sign in” link in the top far right corner. This is a known issue that has nothing to do with the portal change or the beta program. We tested it with adult ASURITE ID’s that had not changed portals and weren’t in the beta program and the same thing happened to them. It predates this change. Use the correct login link and you should land at the Dashboard as you normally would.

If you have a brand new ASURITE ID, it sometimes takes another 24hrs to log in once you receive it. If you still can’t login 24hrs after receipt of the ID, I would contact them.

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  1. Hi, Jennifer!
    I am a bit confuse about ASU prices. Looks like there are COVID prices and regular prices. What would you expect their cost per credit be next year. If they are back to normal, is it going to be $400 per class or per credit?
    How well do their 101 classes transfer?
    If we take English 101 (8 weeks) will it equal 1 high school credit and transfer as 3 college credits?
    Thank you!

    1. Their regular pricing (non-COVID) is $400 per class. This is a regionally accredited 4-year university, so general education classes like English 101 should have a nearly perfect likelihood of transfer assuming your target school accepts transfer credit. If you do ENG101, yes, it will = 3 college credits and 1 high school credit. Hope that helps!

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