ACE Transcript Changes – Happening NOW

ACE put out a press release early 2020 about a shift toward free electronic transcripts! We love free, and this shift moves their transcript service to an outside company. Updates will continue as new information is learned about this new program and process.

We have several resource pages, tutorial posts, and videos that coach parents through adding ACE courses to their transcript. Once the new ACE system is fully rolled out, expect new updated tools to help you navigate the new system. These are currently STILL LIVE since the process works through October 31, 2020.

Creating an ACE Account for your teen through October 31, 2020

How to add an ACE Course to your ACE transcript through October 31, 2020


They were slow on the roll out (didn’t happen in January likely due to Covid-19) but we now can expect this new opportunity will be in effect by November 2020.


Digital Credentials

​Beginning in November 2020, all CREDIT endorsed courses and exams will be verified through a badge on the Acclaim digital credential platform. Participating organizations are currently transitioning to the new system and several are already offering these enhanced credentials. You can share these badges for free on social media as well as download free transcripts for your own use. Free digital transcripts can also be sent securely to schools if you have the name and email address for delivery. When you complete your course or exam, you’ll be sent an email invitation to claim your badge. After accepting the badge, you can create an account on Acclaim and use that account to order future transcripts without further approvals. If you’ve completed a course or exam but have not received an invitation email with your badge, please contact your provider for more information.​If you have additional concerns or questions, you may contact the Resource Center.

ACE transcripts are currently ordered through the ​ACE Transcript Registry System until October 2020. When you request a transcript, the provider of the course will approve the request before it is sent. Your first transcript order costs $20, and each subsequent order costs $15. In order to request a transcript, you’ll need to have information about the courses you’ve taken and dates you completed them, as well as where and to whom you’d like the transcript sent.


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2 thoughts on “ACE Transcript Changes – Happening NOW

  1. Thank you for keeping up with this and providing all the helpful links and videos. While I didn’t need your videos, I’m sure they were very helpful to others! Questions: Had anyone requested a transcript for themselves, meaning, sent to themselves. I realize it’s “not official”, but I’m just curious what it looks like, if it would be helpful to have a hard copy of this ‘unofficial’ transcript in hand when talking to colleges about accepting transfer credits, etc. Also I think I’d like a copy just in case something happens in the switch to the Acclaim platform. My students currently have around 32 hrs of credits each and I don’t want them “lost”.

    1. Cassie, log in to your son’s account- you can print off his ACE list and hang on to it. I have no idea how the new system will work yet, so that’s something I’ve done for all my sons just as a precaution. 😉

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