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Free Dual Enrollment Course: Pharmacy

East Tennessee State University Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy is offering a dual enrollment class for high school students across the region to learn more about the pharmacy profession and how to get into pharmacy school. The course will be free for all students who have a 3.0 high school GPA or above.

Special thanks to our North Carolina HS4CC moderator Yvonne for this deal!

East Tennessee State University

This course will be online and asynchronous—meaning students can participate whenever, wherever they want.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, and I believe many students feel the calling to make an impact in health care and help patients,” said Dr. Debbie Byrd, dean of Gatton College of Pharmacy. “Pharmacists serve on the front lines of health care, whether they’re in a community pharmacy, hospital or research lab. We want to teach and inspire the next generation about this unique career in the health professions.”

The course explores the 30+ career options student can experience in pharmacy at ETSU, how to apply to pharmacy school, financial aid options, student life on campus, a tour of Gatton College of Pharmacy and a chance to chat with the college’s dean, Dr. Debbie Byrd. Virtual office hours will be offered to meet with faculty and admissions.

East Tennessee State University

Learn more about how to sign up for the free high school dual enrollment class by emailing  or calling 423-439-6338. Learn more about Gatton College of Pharmacy at

When colleges offer programs like this, you should expect some amount of self-promotion. Nonetheless, it’s still 3 free college credits from a regionally accredited university and will benefit those considering a pharmacy career.


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