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Online English at Arizona State University

For students on grade level in Language Arts, 11th and 12th grade is a great time to consider trying an online English Composition course. English Composition is a course that a lot of students need as a prerequisite for other college courses, but is a bit scary to try as a high schooler because of the intensity. ASU’s courses don’t bring the same risks you’ll have using your local community college.

Both English Composition courses offer self-paced or instructor-led formats.

Both cost $25 to register (each) and both allow you the option of paying $400 after the class if you want the course recorded for college credit on an official ASU transcript. If you opt not to pay $400, there is no transcript record of the course.

Learn more about ASU’s courses and why they work so well for Homeschooling for College Credit families.

Even if you don’t want or need college credit, these professor-taught courses can be used as your high school curriculum!

Each class below = 1 high school credit

Jennifer’s Tip

ENG101 English Composition (3 credits)

Official Catalog Entry

This introductory composition course will help you develop and express ideas effectively for a variety of personal and professional purposes, audiences, and occasions. During the course, you will complete five major written projects, maintain a writer’s journal, learn and apply a variety of concepts in the field of rhetoric and composition, and create an ePortfolio where you will showcase your work and your evolving identity as a writer.

ENG102 Research and Writing (3 credits)

Official Catalog Entry

This online writing course will help you understand discourse and research writing with the goal of creating solutions to issues within your local community. What sets this course apart is that you won’t be learning about subjects in an abstract sense; instead, you will identify local problems and research real solutions for these problems.

One more thing…

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