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Online Maths at Arizona State University

For students who have finished high school Algebra II, it’s time to transition off of the high school math path and onto the college credit maths. ASU’s College Algebra is the first of 4 math options available as self-paced or with a professor.

All 4 math courses below offer self-paced or instructor-led formats.

All 4 cost $25 to register (each) and both allow you the option of paying $400 after the class if you want the course recorded for college credit on an official ASU transcript. If you opt not to pay $400, there is no transcript record of the course.

The sequence below is in the order of easiest to hardest.

Learn more about ASU’s courses and why they work so well for Homeschooling for College Credit families.

Even if you don’t want or need college credit, these professor-taught courses can be used as your high school curriculum!

Each course below = 1 high school credit

Jennifer’s Tip

MAT117 College Algebra (3 credits)

Official Catalog Entry

About College Algebra and Problem Solving – MAT 117

This online college algebra course equips you with the skills to effectively solve problems using algebraic reasoning. What sets this course apart from a standard algebra course is its strong emphasis on the techniques that are used to solve problems. The goal is not to simply teach you mathematical forms but to help you understand the “whys” behind how you are solving problems. Throughout this course, you will be able to participate in discussions with other students and the professor to help build your conceptual understanding of algebra.

MAT170 Precalculus (3 credits)

Official Catalog Entry

About Precalculus – MAT 170

In this college-level Precalculus course, you will prepare for calculus by focusing on quantitative reasoning and functions. You’ll develop the skills to describe the behavior and properties of linear, exponential, logarithmic, polynomial, rational, and trigonometric functions.

MAT210 Brief Calculus for Business (3 cr.)

Official Catalog Entry

About Brief Calculus: Calculus for Business and Economics – MAT 210

Topics covered in this course include limits and derivatives of algebraic, logarithmic, and exponential functions; the definite integral; analysis of graphs; optimization; applications of the derivative; and more.

MAT265 Calculus for Engineers I (3 cr.)

Official Catalog Entry

About Calculus for Engineers I: Calculus with Analytic Geometry for Science and Engineering – MAT 265

Topics covered in this course include limits (including those involving infinity); derivatives and rates of change; continuity; applications of the derivative; linear approximation; accumulation; antidifferentiation; definite integrals; and more.

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