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Military Path for Debt-Free Education

How does having college credit benefit my child if they were to join the military?  Having college credit is a major plus in the military.  In my last post, I shared 3 major benefits of joining the military with college credit. In this post, we’ll talk about 3 more! I am halfway through my master’s degree through the University of Louisville – paid for fully with Tuition Assistance, best of all, my GI Bill is signed over to my children. All services reward education because they are looking for bright individuals to fill the ranks. 

3 Major Education Benefits in the Military

  1. GI Bill.  If your child’s sole purpose of joining the military is to receive free education, then the GI Bill is exactly what they are looking for.  The GI Bill will pay for a four-year degree from the most expensive in-state school that you reside in.  This pays for tuition, a stipend for books, and even gives you a monthly payment for housing at the E-5 pay level.  If your child wants to attend a private school, many have what is called the yellow ribbon program which covers any amount that the GI Bill does not.  Anyone joining and serving honorably for their 4-year tour is eligible for the GI Bill.
  2. Signing Bonus. Many of the students here have earned certifications in different fields.  Make sure to tell your recruiter because there are potential signing bonuses for these certifications.  These all change with the needs of each service but it is always wise to ask.  The Coast Guard specifically had a signing bonus of $30,000 for those with certain culinary certifications and a $40,000 bonus for those with at least an AA in the culinary field if they pursued a path to become a Culinary Specialist (these are all subject to change so contact a recruiter). 
  3. Graduate Degree. Finally, each service has many opportunities that come about once you are enlisted.  These can include opportunities to apply for programs to go to law school, med school, specialty schools, etc. and for the most part, you are required to have either a certain amount of college credits or a degree.  Education opens the world up for you in the military.  It provides you with opportunities that just don’t exist without it.

The morals and values that exist in the homeschooling community are a great asset to all the services and the experiences and opportunities that will be provided to them will last a lifetime.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.  I want to thank Jennifer for giving me the chance to contribute to this community and I wish you and your families all the best.